ERP Selection

Can we get an abas ERP demo on the first meeting?

Typically the first meeting during the ERP selection process will be the introduction, where you get a chance to get to know the abas ERP team you will be working with should you choose to implement our software. During this phase, you are likely still creating an initial list of vendors you'd like to consider and are comparing them to one another.


During the next phase of your selection process is when you will receive a demo of abas ERP. The demo is usually done via a live online meeting, where we focus on giving you an overview of the software functionality and usability. After this first demo, many companies narrow their list of ERP vendors to just a few they are interested in exploring further. If you're anxious to see a preview of the software sooner than the demo stage, there is a great deal of product information along with detailed screenshots in the product section of our website.