Abas ERP Dashboards
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Relevant process-critical information visualized at a glance and in real time 

Abas ERP Dashboards: Handlungsbedarf blitzschnell erkennen und sofort reagieren

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Abas ERP Dashboards

In Abas ERP dashboards, information from different areas in Abas ERP is reduced to the essentials and represented concisely in a separate cockpit or sidebar, which can be integrated into any ERP screen. The ability to open the corresponding detail screen with just a click increases your ability to examine the necessary information to improve decision making. 

Standard dashboards

More than 20 dashboards for different company areas out of the box

Individual cockpits

Configure individual cockpits yourself, quickly and easily

Alarm system

Never miss an important warning sign and immediately react to any need for action

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Abas ERP Dashboards: 
Highlights in Detail 

Abas ERP Dashboards: Out-of-the-box standard dashboards

Out-of-the-box standard dashboards 

In Abas ERP, more than 20 standard dashboards for various company areas, such as sales, purchasing, and service, are available. These graphical overviews provide management as well as employees from different teams and departments with relevant and important information – and in real time. For example, the Prospect, Customer, and Vendor files, as well the Production overview give you a quick 360° view to efficiently support you in making decisions. You can adapt and expand the standard dashboards to meet special requirements of individual users, roles, and contexts. All done yourself through configuration (using widgets) – thanks to Abas self-service technology. No programming required.

Create your own cockpits 

Do your special requirements go beyond the adaptable standard dashboards of Abas ERP? Our self-service technology allows you to create completely individual dashboards easily as cockpits yourself ("no-code"). For the configuration of custom dashboards, an integrated editor and a library with a variety of widgets is provided (for example, indicators, lists, charts, and maps). Intuitively and with just a view clicks, any data available in Abas ERP can be visualized on a board according to your requirements and in a visually appealing way. You can link the widgets to get information about data from different perspectives. It is also possible to trigger actions from the dashboard, for example, to switch to an ERP screen.

Abas ERP Dashboards: Cockpits

Our dashboards enable you to monitor all important information at a glance and react quickly.

Abas ERP Dashboards: Alarm system Dashboard

Alarm system Dashboard – react instantly and appropriately  

Processes are ongoing and an enormous amount of data is generated in your company. Do you want to always monitor events and key management parameters? Through dashboards, management and staff are actively provided with information about important needs for action – such as delayed relocation suggestions, critical work orders or the current capacity utilization in production – based on indicators. The overviews are reduced to the essentials, provide a transparent view of correlations and different perspectives, and display ERP data in real time. In this way, you always keep track of things, rapidly identify risks and can take immediate controlling measures.

All Function Areas at A Glance

Abas ERP supports you in all core areas of your company

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We wanted to give employees the opportunity to retrieve key figures and reports independently. Enough with the annoying paper evaluations […], that were already out of date by the time they were printed. We succeeded.

Dennis Jung
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