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Abas ERP Warehouse Management

Are you trying to achieve high delivery availability with a low capital commitment? Abas ERP manages and controls all material movements between vendors, customers, production, and warehouses to ensure smooth operations. Check out the highlights and decide for yourself.

Warehouse Management

All the necessary functionality for a well-functioning warehouse 

Material/Value flow  

Full transparency about "where from?" and "where to?" for material movements  


Scanner solution for greater time and cost efficiency in the warehouse 

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Abas ERP Warehouse Management: 
Highlights in Detail 

Abas ERP Warehouse Management: Efficient warehouse management

Efficient warehouse management 

Abas ERP not only supports common warehouse types such as internal, consignment, and external warehouses, but also offers ways to flexibly map the warehouse structure with the help of warehouse groups and storage locations. Current stock levels and their values can be viewed and controlled, using the Stock level information function. With our plan chart you get insight into reserved and available stocks and can control them. Thanks to the integrated minimum stock/batch size analysis, you’ll receive recommendations to help optimize your stock levels.

Seamless, transparent material and value flows  

It is of fundamental importance that you're able to track all material movements from different perspectives (e.g., storage location, product, etc.). The Abas ERP stock journal makes this possible. Who posted something? From where to where did it move? In which customer order was which lot or serial number installed? You can quickly find answers to these questions. You can also manage packaging material, containers, and container accounts. Whether key date or permanent stocktaking - Abas ERP supports common stocktaking procedures and allows you to update stock levels at any time, even outside of stocktaking, using stock corrections.

Abas ERP Warehouse Management: material and value flows

Abas ERP Warehouse efficiently controls all material movements and ensures smooth operations.

Abas ERP Warehouse Management: mobile scanner solution

Scanner solution for mobile warehouse management 

Stop recording everything by hand, work mobile and scan in real time - Abas ERP offers an integrated warehouse scanner solution for mobile warehouse management. This allows you to design time-consuming and personnel-intensive warehouse work steps in a way that is faster and less prone to errors. Logistics processes such as material entries, stock corrections, stocktaking, picking, or shipping planning are much easier and more efficient. The scanner solution runs in a web browser, is hardware-independent, and can be operated intuitively by your warehouse employees without training. More on mobile applications

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Abas ERP gave us wings: If you want to build an airplane, you need turbines, not pedals. It's similar with software. Abas ERP really helped us take off.

Frank Hermann
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