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Abas ERP Automotive & Supply

Abas ERP helps companies in the automotive and supply industries master their demanding tasks. From managing blanket orders and processing of delivery schedules to the control of daily delivery quantities. Check out the highlights and decide for yourself.  

Automotive standards

Software functionality for Automotive & Supply

Delivery schedule management

Support for delivery schedule management and invoicing for day-to-day operations


Easy access to information and quick reactions with dashboards and reports

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Abas ERP Automotive & Supply: 
Highlights in Detail 

Abas ERP Automotive & Supply: standard of the automotive industry

In line with the standard of the automotive industry

Automotive & Supply in Abas ERP is characterized by the reliable control and full transparency of automotive manufacturing processes. These include delivery, forecast delivery, and JIT schedules as well as blanket orders with corresponding details (for example, contract number, reference code, design change status). It also delivers an efficient early warning system that alerts your schedulers to important changes. Administration of external service provider (ESP) consignment warehouses, including shipping notifications and automatic processing of all transaction codes, as well as printing the relevant material tags complete the package. In addition, you can manage your container accounts and cycles and receive and process load carrier account statements as electronic EDI messages.

Streamlined delivery schedule management and invoicing

Create and update your delivery, forecast delivery, and JIT schedules via the quick entry screen or automatically via EDI. Maintain an overview of your forecast delivery and JIT schedules as well as your delivery schedule and recognize "old to new" changes with shortfalls and excesses in delivery schedule differences. Daily delivery quantities via cumulative quantities also help you with control. You also benefit from the automatic creation of shipping plans through forecast delivery schedules. In the area of invoicing, Abas ERP supports electronic credit procedures and payment advice notes. Quantity differences are just as transparent as price and rounding differences in post-invoicing

Abas ERP Automotive & Supply: delivery schedule management and invoicing

With our Automotive & Supply functionality you can successfully meet the challenges of the automotive industry

Abas ERP Automotive & Supply: dashboards and reports

Efficient control with dashboards and reports

Make the flood of information manageable. Abas provides key information at a glance in Automotive Dashboards. The Workstation dashboard provides users a clear overview of their tasks and notes and can also be used across teams. The Delivery schedule monitor focuses attention on critical delivery schedules and their requirements situation. For example, incorrect processing, backlogs, and immediate requirements as well as messages from the early warning system are immediately recognizable. In the area of evaluations and reports, we provide a forecast/JIT delivery schedule history, ESP logs, container movements, delivery schedule quality (Delivery schedule center) and transport and shipment documents.

All Function Areas at A Glance

Abas ERP supports you in all core areas of your company

These customers trust in Abas ERP Automotive & Supply

Thanks to the flexibility of Abas ERP, we are able to map complex processes in a structured and transparent manner. In particular, the integration of EDI and an eBusiness solution as well as the integration of our CAQ provide considerable advantages in everyday business!

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