Your competitive advantage thanks to greater efficiency and custom business processes

As a midsize manufacturer, are you looking to make your company more efficient and custom-design your critical business processes? Abas ERP gives you the tools and support to quickly secure an ongoing competitive edge for your company. 

Best ERP software for midsize manufacturers

The unique & exceptional strengths of the Abas ERP system



The Abas ERP solution for cross-departmental control



Upgrade compatibility despite adjustments + lowest follow-up costs 



100% overview and management of your production processes 

Financial accounting

Financial accounting

Fully integrated financial accounting and controlling 

All functional areas at a glance

Functional areas in Abas ERP

Abas ERP provides a wide range of features with which you can manage your daily tasks. All features are available to you in a fully integrated, comprehensive package and provide you with continuous support in managing your company. 

Scheduling – The Abas brain

Your company has to monitor and control an enormous number of parallel processes on a daily basis. Abas ERP scheduling makes this complexity manageable. Fully automated, it permanently updates your material requirements and planning.

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All functional areas

Production – Abas' strength

Production is the linchpin of Abas ERP. Our ERP solution helps you successfully tackle all challenges in the production environment - from production planning and execution to production control.

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Financial accounting – Integrated

Benefit from the complete integration of finance in Abas ERP: From financial and fixed asset accounting, controlling, costing, and valuation to material costs posting and reporting. Always stay on top of you costs.

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Thanks to our high adaptability with simultaneous upgrade compatibility, you can rely on standard software and still remain unique. Quickly and easily map your individual business processes and secure competitive advantages.

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Sales – Your customer in focus

Abas ERP supports you throughout the entire sales process - starting with the sales opportunity, the efficient preparation of quotes, and order management and continuing through recording packing slips and invoices to mobile features for your external sales force.

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Purchasing – Greater deadline adherence

With Abas ERP Purchasing, you can efficiently control all purchasing processes - from requests and order suggestions to incoming goods with quality control and invoice verification. With the help of the scheduling integration, you can ensure quantities and deadlines are met.

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Connectivity – Made easy

Networking and interfaces are more important than ever before. Abas ERP contains powerful standard connectors (DMS, MS SQL and PDM) and, thanks to its integration tool, enables the easy connection of third-party systems without any programming effort.

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Abas ERP Advanced planning and scheduling (APS)
Advanced planning and scheduling (APS)

Mobile applications – Anytime

Our mobile applications are intuitive to use and focus your employees on the essentials: They support your production and warehouse in real time and are also available offline for your external sales force and customer service teams.

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Warehouse – Manage in Abas ERP

With the help of Abas ERP Warehouse Management, you can manage all processes relating to your material movements directly in the ERP system - from withdrawals and receipts to transfers - and easily keep an eye on stocks and delivery availability.

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Abas ERP's unique strengths

The best ERP software  for midsize manufacturers

Abas ERP offers midsize businesses all necessary features to master their challenges in production and scheduling. 

Abas ERP industries

Industries: Made for manufacturers 

We know the specific industry requirements and offer precisely tailored features. Generate real added value through proven best practices and our many years of experience with customers from our six core industries.

Our core industries include: 

abas in der Metallindustrie

Metalworking industry

abas in der Automobilindustrie

Automotive industry

abas im Maschinen & Anlagenbau

Mechanical and plant engineering 

abas in der Elektroindustrie

Electrical engineering

abas in der Medizintechnik

Medical engineering

Gummi & Kunststofftechnik

Rubber and plastics technology

Technical Services

Technical Services

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