Your competitive advantage thanks to greater efficiency and custom business processes

As a midsize manufacturer, are you looking to make your company more efficient and custom-design your critical business processes? Abas ERP gives you the tools and support to quickly secure an ongoing competitive edge for your company. 

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The unique & exceptional strengths of the Abas ERP system



The Abas ERP solution for cross-departmental control

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Upgrade compatibility despite adjustments + lowest follow-up costs 

Custom Manufacturing


100% overview and management of your production processes 


Financial accounting

Fully integrated financial accounting and controlling 

Functional Areas in Abas ERP

Abas ERP provides a wide range of features with which you can manage your daily tasks. All features are available to you in a fully integrated, comprehensive package and provide you with continuous support in managing your company.

Insight into Abas ERP
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The best ERP software for midsize manufacturers

Abas ERP offers midsize businesses all necessary features to master their challenges in production and scheduling. 

Scheduling – the Abas ERP brain

Abas ERP has a comprehensive material requirement and planning system that controls all company departments, such as purchasing, sales, service, and production. The brain accounts for all occurring events and reacts to them immediately. Do you also want to spare yourself the manual scheduling of processes throughout the company?

ERP Produkt Disposition
Abas ERP Dashboard for production overview

100% overview and management of your production

Abas has specialized in the manufacturing industry since the beginning. That is why the planning and control of production processes are among the outstanding strengths of the Abas ERP solution. Do you also want to optimize your production?

Financial Accounting
Fully integrated financial accounting

In addition to the common functions of financial accounting, cost accounting, and controlling; Abas ERP offers extensive valuation and costing as well as material cost posting. Do you also want to know where your costs are hiding? 

Vollintegrierte Finanzbuchhaltung
Abas ERP Customization: Workflow Viewer

Easy adjustments and upgrades 

With our low-code tools, you can make adjustments to the ERP system yourself without changing the standard range of functions. This means you benefit from new functions when you upgrade at a low cost - without time-consuming migrations. Do you want to remain unique despite standardized software?

ERP for the midmarket: Why Abas?

ERP software has been our passion for over 40 years. As one of the leading ERP developers, we offer a solution designed by the midmarket for the midmarket. The focus is always on the customer, who actively helps shape the future of Abas ERP.

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„We really respect Abas’ determination to continually improve their products and services. It has really motivated us internally to do the same.“

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We know the specific industry requirements and offer precisely tailored features. Generate real added value through proven best practices and our many years of experience with customers from our core industries.

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