Abas ERP Purchasing
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Increase delivery performance and decrease costs 

Material immer zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort

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Abas ERP Purchasing

Abas ERP supports your purchasing department in all aspects of material procurement and capitalizes on potential through cross-departmental integration - from requests, purchase order suggestions, purchase orders, and goods receipts with quality control through to invoice verification. Check out the highlights and decide for yourself.

Vendor management

Complete view of vendors, contacts persons, delivery times, and prices

Bidding processes

Vendor selection and requests for quotation based on your purchase order suggestions

Procurement management

Ensure quantities and deadlines through scheduling integration

Delivery management

Always keep track of, manage, and control purchase orders

Quality management

Test and permanently secure quality according to standard

Invoice management

Verify incoming invoices and transfer them to financial accounting

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Abas ERP Purchasing: 
Highlights in Detail 

Abas ERP Purchasing: vendor management

Everything about your vendors in vendor management

From whom can a certain product be purchased? Who offers the best price? Who can deliver this product the fastest? The vendor management in Abas ERP provides answers to these questions. You can manage your vendors and contact persons individually and avoid duplicate master file management through integrating vendors as creditors in financial accounting. The system helps your purchasing department to master pricing, including sale prices, material surcharges, quantity, and multiple discounts. All important information and historical data for a vendor are available in the Vendor file.

Bidding processes save manual work 

Creating bidding processes often involves time-consuming manual work. With Abas ERP, you can create bidding processes easily based on automatically generated purchase order suggestions or completely manually without using scheduling. In a bidding process, you can request information on terms and dates from different vendors. It helps you select the vendor who provides the fastest deliveries at the best price and allows you to trigger a purchase order directly. All requests that are no longer required are archived automatically. This automates and significantly accelerates your bidding processes. 

Abas ERP Purchasing: Bidding processes

Procurement management – integrated with scheduling

Manual planning and calculations are prone to errors and often lead to delays or short deliveries. Direct interaction with scheduling provides full transparency and planning security, which ensures you receive the required quantities at the best possible conditions and on the desired dates. If the planned delivery date for an item is getting closer or has past, you can enable delivery reminders as part of your deadline management. System-side support for cooperation with subcontractors and forwarders completes the function.

Always keep track of outstanding deliveries with delivery management 

Which deliveries are due next week? Does storage make sense or should the goods be transferred to the production department directly? Which deliveries are delayed or have bottlenecks? Where was a partial delivery made and which delivery quantity is still outstanding? With the delivery management in Abas ERP, your purchasing department and warehouse staff get a complete overview of upcoming deliveries and can view the data flexibly from different perspectives according to their requirements. Received goods can be directly credited to your warehouse via packing slips. Abas ERP also supports your quality management with functions concerning incoming goods.  

Abas ERP Purchasing: Quality management

Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

To perform incoming goods inspections, process complaints and returns, simple quality management is available in Abas ERP. You can create individual inspection plans and freely define inspection features for each product – regardless of whether you carry out sample inspections or 100% inspections. The results are fully documented in Abas ERP. Complemented by complaint management and vendor evaluation, Abas ERP software helps you ensure your product quality requirements.

Thanks to its integration with Abas Scheduling, the Purchasing function helps you capitalize on valuable potential.  

Digital invoice management of today

Allocating vendor invoices to goods receipts takes considerable time in many companies. Thanks to its fully integrated, individual financial accounting function, it is possible in Abas ERP to directly allocate invoices to incoming packing slips that have not been paid yet, subsequently verify invoices, and automatically post them to the accounts payable. At the same time, the valuation price for the stock in the warehouse is updated. Integration in document management can replace the physical handling and storage of paper receipts with digital documents.

Abas ERP Purchasing: Digital invoice management

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We have been working successfully with Abas since 1993. Through annual upgrades we always use state-of-the-art technology. For example, we have realized our vendor connection to the Abas ERP system with the Abas eBusiness solution. This has significantly simplified communication with our vendors.

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