How abas ERP integrates barcode scanning with our mobile app


Mobility is having a massive impact on almost every functional area of the manufacturing industry, and better inventory management has proven to be one of the most visible examples of this. For years, inventory management has been a multistep process that involved one or many employees manually writing down data points including lot information, quantities, etc. and entering them - manually - into a spreadsheet or software solution.

Barcode scanners made this process easier. When the items in your inventory have barcodes affixed to them, inventory managers can simply scan the barcode and collect the data, streamlining processes such as quality control and traceability. But even this method runs into the issue of separating data collection and data entry, leading to inefficiencies. Additionally, barcode scanners and ERP software are often not integrated, so there's still a need for manually entering some data, or else requiring a developer to integrate the software and the scanners.


Where mobile devices come in

abas ERP mobile developers have found a way to bridge the gap between software and barcode scanners through mobile apps. Many manufacturers have barcode scanners installed on company-issued smartphones and tablets, and this is where abas ERP's mobile capabilities provide added value to manufacturers' inventory management processes.

What makes our mobile inventory management app so powerful is that it combines data collection and data entry into one process.

Sean Quinn, lead mobile solutions developer at abas ERP, explained that the abas ERP mobile app can easily integrate with third-party mobile barcode scanners, providing the connection between those scanning the barcodes and the ERP system.

"When your scanners and ERP systems aren't integrated, you're essentially still making inventory management a manual process," Quinn said. "What makes our mobile inventory management app so powerful is that it combines data collection and data entry into one process. You scan the barcode, and the app automatically stores that data in the central system so all stakeholders can access it."

Barcode scanning with abas ERP and an iPad

Barcode scanners can be attached to your mobile device such as an iPad or an iPhone, then easily integrated into abas ERP.

An out-of-the-box solution

Quinn also noted that abas' customers love the mobile barcode scanner solutions because they are low cost, have a short deployment time and are fully integrated with abas' software. This contrasts considerably with traditional barcode scanner deployments, which can be a lengthy process as a business tries to integrate them with the rest of its IT infrastructure.

Additionally, the costs associated with mobile barcode scanning are much lower. "It costs about $900 for a mobile device equipped with a scanner. By contrast, it costs anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 for a traditional barcode scanner, and that doesn't include the cost of paying a developer to integrate it with your ERP system," Quinn explained. "If you already have a supported device, it's very easy to install our mobile inventory management app and have them working together quickly."

To discover all of the capabilities that our mobile apps have, check out our mobile processes product page. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact one of our abas representatives today.

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