This fall, homeowners around the country are using abas ERP customer ChromaScape’s colored mulch, Amerimulch!

Ready for fall clean up? As we enter this new season, many of us are not just cleaning up our finances in abas ERP, but our yards too. Here’s an inside look at a product many of us use, a colored mulch that maintains its vibrancy over time, first invented by an abas ERP customer.

Amerimulch, owned by abas ERP customer ChromaScape, Inc., first invented colored mulch in 1992 using iron oxide and carbon-based pigment. Scott Thompson, Vice General Manager at Amerimulch, said the idea was sparked while trying to figure out how to sell pallet wood as a mulch product. Coloring the wood pallet lead to the invention of colored mulch.

Amerimulch’s colorants coat the wood fiber, helping it retain its color for a full 6-8 months, which is more than twice as long as conventional mulch. The colored mulch is environmentally friendly and is not harmful to plants.


Aside from the typical reds and browns that mulch normally comes in, Amerimulch has fulfilled some fun and unusual color requests including purple, Penn State University blue, and even bright sky blue for various high schools.

Amerimulch's orange mulch at Disney Land in Anaheim, CA.

ChromaScape went live with abas ERP in 2013. Thompson said the company has seen improvement in various areas, including having a better handle on their multiple manufacturing sites, streamlining their ability to maintain their cost base across all plant locations, and having a much smoother financial closing and month-end process.

“abas ERP has impacted virtually every aspect of how we run our business,” said Thompson. “We’re now working on our CRM module and are excited to see how it helps our sales and marketing tools grow.”

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