Does Your Business Need a Custom ERP System?


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A custom ERP system - Is it right for your business? No two businesses are the same, and no two businesses need the same ERP system. That makes it really inconvenient if you're using an ERP system that is difficult to customize beyond its standard functionality.

When you need something unique from your ERP, you want to be able to customize easily. Organizations that have to spend too heavily on customization or deal with ERP limitations can be stuck losing business value because of what their technology can't accomplish. At abas, we believe that your technology should work for you, and our ERP platform is built with customization in mind for that reason.

We've designed our ERP system for easy customization in three key ways:


1. A divided architecture

If you need a custom ERP system, you don't want to end up stuck with that solution for years because updated versions of your platform can't support your customization. The abas ERP ecosystem is built in multiple tiers, allowing clients to customize the user level without having to touch the database layer, for example. As a result, you can freely tweak key interface elements, create processes or otherwise alter how the ERP functions without messing with key elements of the underlying code.

abas ERP is built in multiple tiers, allowing clients to customize the user level without having to touch the database layer

Segregating elements of the ERP also provides more freedom and flexibility for customization. Take our InfoSystem capabilities. InfoSystems in abas ERP function as dynamic queries that will capture data from anywhere in the software, letting you take action. As a result, you can easily establish a custom process or workflow without having to dig into underlying code, accelerating time to market and keeping costs under control.

2. Simplified mobility

We've built our ERP apps in house, so our developers know every nuance of the system. The apps enable mobily at all parts of your organization, from using CRM on your iPhone, to tracking inventory in offline mode while the internet is out, to clocking in for the day on an Android tablet. But in the case that your business' processes require additional reports or views, our mobile developers work directly with cusotmers to ensure their specific needs are met.

3. Custom ERP system training and support

More of a do-it-yourselfer? If you have an in-house development team or even a few employees skilled in programming, we hold training sessions to teach you FOP, allowing you to customize abas ERP directly. We want our clients to have the option for being self sufficient by making customization sustainable in the long run, so we'll give you the tools you need to create custom capabilities that align with your specific business requirements.

On top of this, our custom ERP system has been built with foundational checks and balances that prevent the system from breaking down because of customizations or similar alterations made by customers. This allows for greater freedom and flexibility without as much risk.

Customizing an ERP doesn't have to be daunting. The abas platform provides ease of use and flexibility that turn custom from a dirty word on the budget sheet to a strategic enabler for your business. Learn more - download the guide to Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps, or contact us today.

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