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Time Recording / Job Time

The integrated time recording / job time management in abas ERP allows for a quick entry of completion confirmations. Job and attendance time recording allows the transfer of working hours, break times and shifts to abas ERP, making this information available for statistical analysis, capacity planning or financial analysis. An interface to external job and time attendance systems is also possible, 

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Time recording and job time in abas ERP


Simple time recording from anywhere:
Allows your employees to easily record and save their labor data from terminals or mobile devices with automatic syncing in abas.
Provides completion confirmations
Records hours spent on a specific job
Accounts for break times and shift allocation
Labor Record

Time recording at a glance

  • Recording of time and labor data
  • Recording order times
  • Freely definable shift schedules and daily schedules
  • Automatic shift allocation
  • Automatic end of job
  • Time data archive
  • Time recording via mobile devices and terminal
  • Interface to external time and labor data recording systems
  • Recording of material completions, rejects and rework
  • Mobile plant data collection

    The abas mobile cycle count app enables you to quickly and easily record plant data on the shop floor using tablets, mobile devices and hand-held scanners.

    Record work times anywhere

    From terminals to mobile devices: With abas ERP your team can easily record their work times.


Standard lists and evaluations

  • Attendance and absence list
  • Time record, time stamps list
  • List of job order times according to various criteria

abas Shop Floor offers both attendance time recording (ATR) and plant data collection (PDC) via scanner and tablet or touch terminal. The application is optimized specifically for industrial devices.



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