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Käppler & Pausch GmbH

Since their founding in 1993, Käppler & Pausch GmbH has provided top-quality metal processing utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The company is specialized in the production of demanding, design-oriented system modules and the manufacture of components for rail vehicle construction.

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About Käppler & Pausch GmbH

For more than 25 years Käppler & Pausch GmbH has stood for highly qualified metalworking. Their product portfolio ranges from precisely fitting sheet metal to compatible flexible assemblies and includes complex machine cladding, kiosk terminals, and rotatable, illuminated advertising pillars. Well-known companies from the fields of mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, aerospace, and information technology are among their national and international customers. 

Käppler & Pausch GmbH hs been using abas ERP since 2010. The company's original IT system had limitations and was no longer sufficient to meet their growing requirements. abas ERP impressed the metalworking specialists with its functionality and price-performance ratio. 

The software was implemented in all business departments. PDC/PTR as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are used as add-ons.

Thanks to abas ERP, Käppler & Austausch GmbH is able to map assemblies in detail and better structure their processes. The broad range of possible applications and a large number of expansion modules ensure maximum flexibility. In the production planning and purchasing departments, Käppler & Pausch has been able to significantly increase output and reduce work steps. Stocktaking, planning, and forwarding to the boxers are now faster thanks to abas ERP. Orders placed through Käppler & Austausch GmbH's web shop for laser parts,, are also processed via abas ERP

Through continuous modernization and digitization measures, we're laying the foundation for our company's success in the future. We are glad to have Alltrotec as a competent and reliable partner for the design and optimization of our operational processes.

- Thomas Wilisch (Head of Sales), Philipp Beuermann (Technical Project Lead/Development), Robert Ehrlich (ERP abas Consultant), Sandra Köhler (Marketing)

Project highlights

  • TruToPs Fab Storage, construction data adoption with module creation

Käppler & Pausch GmbH at a Glance

Metalworking industry

Laser parts and high quality sheet metal assemblies, from development, parts manufacturing and surface coating to assembly and logistics.