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Eugen Klein GmbH

For over 40 years the company Klein has been developing, testing and producing high performance propeller shafts in two plants in Esslingen. All testing for production release is done on numerous in-house test benches. The life expectancy is tested and simulated under different environmental conditions. If the test piece has reached the required life expectancy, then it is further tested through extensive field testing by customers to ensure the results are correct.

Production is continuously monitored though a highly effective quality system. This assures that each part is problem free and of first class quality. All production processes are carried out to produce propeller shafts in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The design allows a reduction in material and therefore the shafts are more energy efficient. At the end of the propeller shafts' lifespan it can be fully recycled and melted down to reuse the high quality steel. For large RDT customers the final products are scanned per mobile WLAN PC with a barcode scanner. This automatically creates packing slips, packing slip RDT, invoices and invoice RDT.

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For us, abas ERP is the central IT system. If new requirements arise we first check what the abas standard can already cover or if there is something that we can realize using individual programming. We were thus able to avoid having to procure and connect other costly software systems.
Volker Laufs, Head of IT

High performance propeller shafts
Automotive- Klein Gelenkwellen
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  • PDC and PTR connection, partly automated completion confirmations and quality documentation using barcode scanner
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with sequenced delivery schedules (PAB, DELJIT)
  • Shipping processing with automatic packing slip and invoice creation per mobile barcode scanner
  • Connection of payroll by adata
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