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Webshop / e-commerce

With abas, you can design a professional B2B webshop in which your customers easily search for products at any time from anywhere, view individual prices and discounts, check availability and place orders. This is done through abas’ built-in integration with open source Magento. Magento allows you to set up customer-friendly e-commerce websites, customize your web shop interface, and build back-end workflows that match your business processes.

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Webshop / e-commerce


Reduce errors through automation:
Automate your customer service processes with abas ERP integration.
Customized to your brand:
Allows users to customize their e-commerce customer interface to match business processes.
Customers can configure what they need:
The abas configurator tool allows customers to build orders to their exact specifications.
Integration with abas ERP:
Managers can download customer orders directly into abas ERP.
Always up to date in real time:
Give your customers instant access to individual product information, prices, and discounts, as well as product availability and order status. This data is available from your ERP system in real time.

Integrated with abas ERP

abas ERP's itegration with Magento allows you to automate your customer sales and service processes. Managers can download customer orders from the Magento-based Web store directly into abas ERP. Magento’s configurator tool allows customers to configure their orders and build products according to their exact specifications.


  • Reduces time that would be spent on manually entering orders

  • Decreases the room for errors that can occur when manually filling customer orders

  • Downloads information directly into abas ERP so production and shipping orders are fulfilled faster

  • Easy to upgrade and add new functionalities

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Seamless integration

The ERP solution and webshop work seamlessly together because abas ERP is the basis for all of the webshop functions. There's nothing to complicate easy customization and expansion.

Easily maintain data

Customer and product data are maintained through a comfortable graphical interface in abas ERP. 

Easy modifications and expansions

The specialized tools in abas Workbench enable you to quickly and easily modify and expand standard webshop functions and your own applications.



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