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ERP software for Advanced Planning and Scheduling


Material Requirements Planning (MRP), the scheduling of material and production capacities, is one of the core tasks of an ERP system. Processing sales orders according to their deadlines is often the key to customer satisfaction and the reason for a company's success. MRP / scheduling ensures that quantity, resources and date requirements are covered, creates purchase order suggestions for purchasing, and generates work order suggestions for in-house production, finished goods, or sub-assemblies.

Requirements can also be covered by relocation from a different warehouse group. External processing can be mapped using subcontracting suggestions. Scheduling also checks compliance with the specified delivery dates and, if any variance is found, calculates the earliest possible delivery dates.

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MRP in abas ERP


High delivery reliability:

abas Scheduling helps you cover quantity, resource and date requirements to meet your deadlines.

Optimized stocks and storage costs:

With abas ERP, you can plan precisely to keep stock levels and storage costs as low as possible.

Reduced lead times:

abas Scheduling is an efficient tool for reducing lead times.



The scheduling calculation manages sales order items, internal work orders, current purchase orders, and stock levels. Individual planning parameters are taken into consideration, for example minimum stock levels, procurement lead times, batch sizes, batch grouping periods, lead times for internally produced parts, and scheduling processes. Vendor and customer receipt days along with the definition of minimum and maximum procurement quantities are also considered. The system also checks if your current stock levels and scheduled stock receipts will cover your future stock needs within a defined time period. For stock shortages, purchase order suggestions for purchase parts and work order suggestions for internally produced parts will be generated according to the procurement type.

MRP diagram

Scheduling Types

  • Requirement related 

  • Minimum stock related 

  • Remaining quantities related 

  • No scheduling

  • Sales order related

  • Variant related

  • Project related

  • Extended requirements related

  • Basis for your company's success

    abas' scheduling function helps you process sales orders on time—the basis for greater customer satisfaction and the success of your business.

  • Requirements Fulfilled

    Material requirements planning in abas ERP ensures that requirements are covered on time and to their full extent. The system accomplishes this by generating purchase order and work order suggestions.

    work order suggestions

Functional relationships within MRP

Using abas' MRP functionality, data and processes are interconnected and dependent on one another, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Master data moves through scheduling / warehouse and onto other critical functions within your business, such as sales, purchasing, accounting, production, and plant data collection. 



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