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Mobile CRM

Smartphones and tablets are leading today’s technological age, so taking advantage of their uses can vastly improve your customer relationship management. With full offline access, efficient data synchronization, robust functionality and an intuitive mobile interface, the abas ERP CRM mobile app exceeds industry standards, allowing your users to be just as effective on the road as they are in the office.

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mobile CRM in abas ERP


Manage sales anywhere:
Create prospects, customers, sales orders and quotes from your mobile device.
Get your entire team in sync:
The CRM mobile app syncs with your abas ERP system as often as needed, keeping everyone in the loop with sales.
Offline functionality:
The CRM mobile app gives users access to core CRM features while they’re offline.
Provides navigation to your customer’s locations:
Don’t stress over the hassle of finding directions to a customer; the CRM mobile app can do that for you.
Add or edit customer information on site
abas ERP mobile CRM

Manage customer and prospect data on the go

The CRM mobile app is a tool that gives your sales team the ability to view and edit customer and transactional data while they’re out of the office. With this app, you can add and edit prospects and customer information, and have those updates sync directly with abas ERP. You can also view open and closed transactions, as well as create sales orders and quotes. The mobile app enables these activities to be completed in real time, so you can keep your ERP system accurate and up to date.

  • Map feature

    The CRM mobile app provides you with a map feature that will display where your customers are in relation to you. It also provides you with navigation to your customer’s location.

    Mobile CRM

Access to core features offline

The CRM mobile app allows your sales team to view and edit customer information on the go. By giving you access to core features while you’re offline,  you and your team can update customer or prospect information in real time without needing to depend on a network connection. With the CRM mobile app, you can create sales orders, opportunities, and quotes from your mobile device no matter where you’re located.



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