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Sales Assistant
Penny likes that abas is user-friendly, flexible and easily customizable. abas has helped Penny reduce duplication and become more efficient and effective.

Since we started using abas, I’ve been able to save lots of time and work more efficiently.

Kiddy Children's Products

Over a period of 30 years Kiddy Children's Products in Shanghai has developed excellent child car seats, which ensure that all children travel in safety and comfort, so the adults can enjoy the journey too. With a sensible and secure fastening system, simple seatbelt guidance and an impressive restraint system based on the ‘original kiddy impact shield’, and the use of hi-tech materials, kiddy offers maximum safety and superior comfort. So now you can travel the highways and byways of the world with your kids on board with the peace of mind that kiddy brings!

North American Headquarters

abas USA
45999 Center Oak Plaza
Suite 150
Sterling, VA20166