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how to make customers love doing business with you

They love you, they love you not? Part 2


Part 2: How the right ERP system can build to customer satisfaction. If your workers have all the information they need, when they need it, you are able to provide a game-changing customer experience that truly separates you from your competition.

How to make your customers love your business

They love you, they love you not? Part 1


There are many ways that businesses can differentiate themselves, although two of the most common, differentiating based on price or product innovation can be problematic for manufacturers. This article talks about how Manufacturing businesses can use customer relationships as a strong business differentiator. 

Finance Dashboard


The Finance Dashboard is a feature in abas ERP that is designed to use standard abas USA infosystems to retrieve financial data, and avoid the duplication of

Financial Integration Core Merger (FCM)


Financial Integration Core Merger (FCM) is an upcoming feature of abas 2015 that incorporates U.S.

abas ERP and Magento

The benefits of abas ERP's integration with Magento's e-commerce platform


abas ERP and Magento work in sync to create a seamless eCommerce platform. Find out more about how in this article.

ERP and localization part 4

Understanding the importance of localization - Part 4: Taking care of details


ERP systems create an operational framework in which the software takes care of the details for you, empowering your workers to focus on the most important tasks in their day.

Mobile apps streamline stock assessment processes

Mobile apps streamline stock assessment processes


Improvements in supply chain management can drive huge efficiency and revenue gains in sectors like manufacturing and online retail, where operations in the warehouse have a huge impact on everyday business functionality.

The abas Point of Sale (POS) Mobile App


The abas Point of Sale (POS) mobile app gives users full visibility into planning, replenishing, and inventory, and allows cash transactions to have rea

ERP can help businesses reduce risks

Understanding the importance of localization - Part 3: Leaping legal hurdles


For Part 3, we move into an exploration of legal challenges, where it is key to remember that a common theme underpins all of these issues - global businesses must be able to act locally in each area they operate.

The Vendor and Customer Portals in abas ERP

ERP vendor blog: Expanding your ERP system's reach with portals


In this post, we'll look at how abas ERP overcomes these challenges through integration with Magento Web store platforms and built-in vendor portals.

Localization: overcoming the language barrier

Understanding the importance of localization - Part 2: Overcoming the language barrier


In Part 2 of our localization series, we'll discuss how you can use abas ERP to break through the language barrier that often separates business units in different countries.

Mobil uygulama: ERP için CRM

Mobile app functionality integral to mobile CRM success


The ERP world has been shifting in response to the growing wave of mobile devices in the enterprise. On their own, mobile devices won't do much for your business. It's the apps that fuel transformation in how people work, and our goal at abas is to give users the tools they need to work at their best.

Relationship management and localization

Understanding the importance of localization - Part 1: Relationship management


The success or failure of a company is dictated by many factors, but the people that drive that organization and the relationships it has with vendors and partners are among the most influential factors in its health.

Chinese delegation visits abas HQ

e-works Industrialist Delegation from China Visits abas HQ in Karlsruhe


The e-works delegation of 20 some industrialists led by Dr Pei Huang, CEO of e-works, a leading IT application knowledge portal in China, visited abas Softwa

Cycle Count / Physical Inventory App


The Cycle Count / Physical Inventory App is a tool that lets abas users inventory their materials in a modern way: without pen and paper.

abas ERP updated its MPS feature


abas 2015 has updated its Master Production Scheduling (MPS) system with new features that provide for a more detailed scheduling process.

abas and localization

How abas shines at localization through its partner network and implementation methodology


Most ERP companies can implement their systems in different countries, but that doesn't mean they have a truly global philosophy. abas goes beyond just deploying software solutions - we bring considerable knowledge of each region our customers operate in, and it all starts with our global partner network.

Pickert & Partner and abas ERP Work Together to Help Customers Decrease Product Defects


Pickert & Partner, a software company based in Pfinztal, Germany, is partnered with abas USA to provide advanced quality software functionality to abas ERP users.

abas ERP Bidding System


The abas Bidding system is a new feature in abas 2015 that allows users to create bids for different vendors when searching for a product distributor.

Trends in automotive industry and ERP

The changing automotive industry and the need for robust ERP systems


As the automotive industry is making a comeback, there are several trends that are combining to have a transformative effect on every part of the automotive supply chain.



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