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Bar coding saves a lot of time for manufacturers

How does ERP help turn barcoding into the assembly worker's best friend?


For electronics manufacturers, barcoding and ERP is a match made in heaven, by helping production improve throughput without sacrificing quality or drowning in a sea of big data.

Metal fabrication and ERP

Breakthroughs in material science F&A never saw coming


Fabrication and assembly operations always push the limits on what manufactured goods can do and how well they can align with consumer preferences. This year has already seen unbelievable advancements in materials science that directly affect how fabricators around the globe will compete.

Holding iPad and iPhone with abas apps

abas ERP named an ERP Pacesetter in Software Advice FrontRunners ERP Quadrant


abas ERP has been named a Pacesetter in Software Advice's FrontRunners Quadrant for ERP Software. The ERP quadrant highlights top-performing manufacturing software products.

mobile bar code scanning for ERP

Manufacturing Trends in the Southeast United States


Manufacturing trends fueled growth in the Southeastern United States, especially advanced manufacturing in the automotive and aerospace sectors, has led to employment gains, higher wages, and a growing influx of workers into the region.

the abas CRM app is responsive and mobile

6 Benefits the new abas ERP CRM App Offers Users


Providing your sales team with full access to your customer and sales data, no matter where you’re working (at home, at the office, or while traveling to meet your customers) or whatever device you’re working on, is what the new abas Customer Relationship Management app is all about. We spoke recently with abas mobile app developer Andrew Huber, part of the abas mobile team that developed the new CRM app, about the many real-world business benefits it offers users.

Cloud as the engine of digital transformation

5 Factors Driving the Cloud-Based Digital Transformation


Digital transformation for businesses of all kinds will be driven by the cloud. The days of investing your IT budget in expensive infrastructure, i.e., hardware such as on-premise servers that are costly to purchase and maintain, and years-long, risky IT projects that drain people, money, and focus away from your core business, are long gone. What has changed?

get mobile with hybrid ERP

Delivering Mobile ERP With A Hybrid ERP Solution


People now consume more data on their mobile devices than ever before, but the expanding mobile workforce means that companies need to respond and adapt. For manufacturers and distributors, their ERP system is ground zero for these changes. 

Technological disruption is on its way to the manufacturing sector.

An ERP System Ready to Take You Into the Future


Manufacturers are facing an onslaught of change that is poised to disrupt how they produce goods and interact with customers.

overcoming the six most common ERP problems

Blog series: Most common problems with ERP Systems


This year, manufacturers and distributors around the world will embark on the process of selecting an ERP system. Whether it’s the first ERP system they’ll install or an upgrade from a legacy system, the selection and implementation will be a major undertaking. What are the main reasons why companies upgrade their ERP systems, and what should they look for in their new software? We answer these questions in our 6-part blog series. 

Team engagement is critical for ERP implementations

How to maintain engagement during ERP implementation


Engagement is critical for the success of any ERP implementation project. How do you make sure your implementation team, leadership team, and other employees get behind – and stay behind – the project? What causes low engagement during an ERP implementation, and how can businesses resolve or prevent it? This blog post gives some time-tested ways to maintain high engagement. 

The Sentient Enterprise - the evolution of business decision making

5 Steps to Digital Transformation


 The Sentient Enterprise: The Evolution of Business Decision Making by is a new book by Oliver Ratzesberger and Mohan Sawhney, describing how organizations can accelerate the digital maturation process, gaining the capacity to capture, share, and leverage data to support better business decision making. This post describes some of the key concepts in that book. 

manufacturing in the great lakes

Manufacturing Trends in the Great Lakes Region


The Great Lakes region is making a manufacturing comeback, leading the overall comeback of U.S. manufacturing. In 2018 and beyond, Great Lakes manufacturing trends point to manufacturers leveraging technology, geographic advantages, and an experienced workforce to drive growth in the region, the nation, and around the globe. These four trends describe how. 

Modern manufacturers need more ERP systems

Struggling With An Outdated ERP System?


ERP software solutions are rarely static. Much like every other piece of technology, they continue to be tweaked and improved. So how can you tell if it's time for your legacy ERP system to get an upgrade?

your modern ERP system should allow for easy upgrades

ERP System Upgrade Not Possible With Your ERP?


Your competitors are gaining an edge in the marketplace because their ERP lets them enact processes and capabilities you can't. You see workflow problems that you know how to solve, but your ERP can't handle the change. The problems are real, and they happen for a few key reasons. Regardless of why you're stuck, there are always options.

BMP Workflows are a key part of modern ERP systems

Doing Data Re-entry Instead of Using a Modern ERP System?


Data re-entry and similarly redundant manual processes can undermine a business' ability to work efficiently. When your skilled employees have to take time to do repetitive, tedious work, they are wasting time that could otherwise be spent on tasks that deliver greater value to the business. Modern ERP workflow management tools are changing this situation by automating key processes and eliminating the data re-entry that comes up in day-to-day work.

abas custom ERP system that allows for customizations

Does Your Business Need a Custom ERP System?


No two businesses are the same, and no two businesses need the same ERP system. That makes it really inconvenient if you're using an ERP system that is difficult to customize beyond its standard functionality. We've designed our ERP system for easy customization in three key ways. Read on to find out how. 

An ERP system helps you track real time data

ERP Data Management Drives Good Business Decisions


Applying analytics data to decision making is becoming essential in modern business. When managers, supervisors and executives make decisions, they need the right data at the right time. Without supporting information, organizations end up, in essence, gambling with the outcome of the choices they make. ERP data, like what you get from abas ERP, can empower workers to be at their best at all times.

IT security for ERP through the Cloud and SSO

Strengthen IT Security With Cloud SSO


In this post, we dicsuss how Single Sign-On (SSO) reduces exposure to stolen employee login credentials, provides the basis for multi-factor authentication, and greatly increases efficiencies. abas Cloud SSO is offered as part of the abas product line in partnership with security industry leader Auth0.

Digital Transformation and Change Management

7 Success Factors of Change Management in the Digital World


Transforming from old/legacy ways of doing things to new, digitally enabled ways of working – becoming more agile as a company – is not always easy. But it’s the most important and strategic initiative you can undertake. Read on to learn about 7 success factors to consider as you pursue change through digital transformation.

2018 trends in manufacturing

Manufacturing Trends - 2018 Top 4 - Non-Tech


There are several technological trends impacting U.S. manufacturing in 2018, from IoT to Augmented Reality to 3D printing and more. But the trends shaping U.S. manufacturing aren’t just about technology. 2018 promises to be a year of rapid change and “certain uncertainty” at home and abroad. As with any and all trends, in any and all years, you’ll need to create an adaptable, agile organization in order to navigate what’s coming next.


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