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Mobile Processes

Mobile Processes in abas ERP

Mobility is an essential part of modern working life. Employees are provided with smartphones and tablets and companies are increasingly using the potential of mobile ERP applications. Whether sales, service, delivery or materials management: abas allows you to map relevant processes on mobile devices thanks to a growing number of apps. Your employees are no longer tied to the office and their desks, but can work anywhere and any time.

abas makes you mobile

With Mobile CRM, your sales team has access to all CRM data during sales meetings, including files on customers or prospective customers. Service employees in field service can use Mobile Service to check their appointments, record diagnostic data and orders on their tablets and order any required spare parts straightaway. Mobile Delivery maps your routes for easy and efficient deliveries, and Mobile POS allows you to quickly and easily manage cash, check and credit card transactions. We also provide Mobile Cycle Count for easy inventory counting, and Mobile TCI for inputting working hours.  

Goodbye to the paper chase

The advantages are obvious: Time-consuming, manual data entry is minimized, important data is available at all times, and processes can be managed when you're on the go, when when you're offline. Mobile ERP applications relieve your employees of tedious work steps, prevent redundancies and errors, speed up processes and increase overall productivity.

  • Mobile access to ERP data

    The mobile applications from abas grant your team access to ERP data from anywhere. Your team can remain agile and perform their tasks regardless of time or location.

    Cycle count
  • Mobile applications for sales, purchasing and service

    The Mobile Sales, Mobile Service, and Mobile Purchasing applications are available for your external sales, service and purchasing teams.

    mobile sale
  • Intuitive operation

    The mobile applications are intuitive to operate and the elements of the application interfaces automatically adjust to fit the display size of your device.

    Mobile map

Choose functional detail to see more

The abas Delivery and Route Planning mobile app allows organizations that use their own delivery trucks to optimize their delivery processes. By providing employees who are delivering products to customers with a central place to view which items need to be delivered, where they are going, and the most optimum way to get there increases accuracy, and ensures the satisfaction of your customers.

The CRM mobile app is a tool that gives your sales team access to customer information while they’re on site, so they can fully interact with customers without wasting time trying to locate data or remember to make updates back at the office. The CRM mobile app with automatically sync any updates you make with the ERP system, so you can focus more on the customer.

The Cycle Count / Physical Inventory mobile app is a tool that allows users to inventory their materials and process high volumes of data without pen and paper. An easy-to-use-interface makes it quick for you to conduct your count, even when you have one eye on your warehouse shelves.  

Manage your inventory from your warehouse, shop floor, office, or wherever your job takes you with abas‘ easy-to-use Warehouse Management app. No matter your device, the abas Warehouse Management app gives you mobile access to your critical shipping, receiving and inventory data.

The abas Production app gives you the accuracy and flexibility your shop floor needs. With options for Plant Data Collection (PDC), time card entry, work order details, and issuing materials, you can mix and match the features and functions your business wants for a personalized experience. Workers can access the abas Production app from their personal devices or kiosks in your facility.


The Point of Sale (POS) mobile app is equipped with a fully integrated credit card system and a bar code scanner to purchase and track inventory, allowing users to receive payments for merchandise from customers in real time.

The Service mobile app gives service technicians the ability to view service requests on site from their mobile device, and file completion reports so managers have visibility into their progress. The app also allows service technicians to view their schedule, and make adjustments if necessary, while they’re on site.

The Service Request mobile app gives you the ability to keep track of service requests and add or edit information through your mobile device. Especially helpful for traveling technicians on site, the app enables you to make updates and facilitate planning in real time, so you can better attend to your customers needs.

The payment app in abas ERP allows you to perform bank reconciliations, record customer deposits and issue vendor payments from your mobile device. The app makes payments in abas easier and includes built in AR / AP reporting. The app makes it easier to organize your accounts by keeping everything in one place and giving you an overview of your payments on one page.

The Receiving mobile app is a way for users to receive and manage purchase orders in abas on their mobile device. With the app, you can see the list of pending purchase orders you have in your system, scan the products you want to receive for that purchase order, and input lots and locations. Users can also do bar code scanning to save time and increase efficiency by being able to scan boxes, external lot numbers, and anything else they’d otherwise need to manually type into abas.

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Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps

How companies benefit from mobile applications

In studies and surveys, IT officers attribute increasing importance to the use of mobile devices for business purposes, even in SMEs. This not only applies to communication by telephone and e-mail, or synchronization of calendars, but also increasingly to mobile access to all data on the company software. Accordingly, there is increasing interest in CRM and ERP systems that provide innovative technologies and apps to enable mobile working at the airport or on the train, in the home office or at the customer's premises. Yet mobile applications can do much more than simply call up customer information or KPIs remotely – modern solutions enable complete control of processes via smartphones, tablets or scanner solutions.

Whether sales, purchasing, warehousing, field service or management, mobile ERP applications offer advantages to many corporate divisions. Information flows faster and all data is synchronized continuously and is available throughout the ERP system, regardless of location and in real time. Processes are optimized, there are no duplicate data entries and the overall quality of the database increases. Employees can perform their work faster, more easily and with less stress. 

Mobile Sales increases sales opportunities and reduces sales cycles. All relevant information about customers and prospective customers is available at all times, whether on-site at the customer's premises or in a trade fair hall. The response time to queries is faster – an important sales criterion in times when customers are more demanding than ever. 
Mobile Purchasing not only provides a seamless history of all supplier transactions, including complex filter and search functions, but allows you to record and edit requests and purchase orders directly while on the go. You can also keep your eye on critical deliveries at all times. 

Mobile Service supports field service employees, helping to improve customer satisfaction. Customer data, appointments and information such as service history, material planning and deployment times can be managed easily with the mobile applications.

Mobile Warehouse supports all processes in the warehouse – from goods receipt inspection to picking and inventory. Mobile solutions ensure that processes can be implemented automatically and thus more reliably, more transparently and with fewer errors. Stocks and downtimes are reduced. 
With mobile shop floor applications, data from personnel time recording and process data acquisition systems flows directly into the detailed scheduling and thus optimizes the production processes.

For an efficient mobile strategy, it is important to analyze suitable fields of use within the company and integrate the mobile solutions seamlessly into the existing ERP system. To ensure maximum acceptance among employees, user-friendliness and the UX design are also very important. Sophisticated mobile applications adopt the familiar operating concept of the ERP system and adapt flexibly to the work situation in the respective areas.

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