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Olea Kiosks
Customer Story

Olea Kiosks


Olea Kiosks

A single philosophy has driven Olea Kiosks, Inc. for over three generations: “Better kiosks through intelligent design.” The company manufactures standard and custom kiosks for various industries, from retail to transportation and more. Olea employs some of the most talented designers, engineers, and metal craftsmen in the global kiosk industry. Olea Kiosks remains a family-owned and operated company, with an unparalleled commitment to quality and service.

The company has recently expanded globally: Olea Kiosks now has customers worldwide Olea’s full range of services includes: consulting services, industrial design, creative consulting and graphic creation, mechanical engineering, as well as OEM manufacturing and more.

Fast Facts

Custom Manufacturing
Fabrication and Assembly
Metal Fabrication
Serial Production
Customer since: 
Number of licenses / users: 
16 Full + 9 PDC
Number of employees: 

Standard and Custom kiosks
Project Highlights: 

When Olea Kiosks sought out an ERP partner to meet its needs, they were experiencing rapid business growth. That growth came with tons of upsides but also some challenges. For example, they needed to improve system integration and found themselves sharing information through Excel spreadsheets, which was creating large amounts of redundant, manual work, not to mention inefficiencies. They also had trouble accurately costing some of the new projects they’d taken on (i.e., costing of labor, machine time, materials, etc.).

After searching for the best ERP partner to meet its unique needs, Olea brought in abas USA. As an ERP partner, abas began collaborating with Olea to meet its needs around supporting its integration goals and addressing its rapid growth. Olea now has better visibility into its operational data across the company. 

While using Excel spreadsheets might work for a small-scale business, they don’t allow growing companies to work seamlessly and productively. Olea is now driving both external growth and internal efficiency at the same time, with the help of its partner, abas.

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