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Gummi-Technik GmbH
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GUMMI-TECHNIK GmbH is a specialist for the development and production of custom-designed technical components and assembly groups made of rubber, rubber-metal composites and plastic, such as anti-vibration, sealing and extrusion technology. The company, founded in 1950, is now operating worldwide. With abas, GUMMI-TECHNIK was able to realize a warehouse management system on scanner basis. Employees register the goods with scanners and barcodes, and the information is recorded in abas in real time. If someone wants to know where which good is located, the ERP system will provide the information in seconds. A lot of money is saved with semi-automatic entries of warehouse and goods movements. The company Barcodat provides the respective scanner and antenna solution.

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Due to the flexibility of abas ERP we are able to represent complex processes in a structured and transparent way. Especially the integration of EDI and abas eB as well as the integration of our CAQ brings considerable advantages in the daily business routine!
Philipp Wagner, Management Assistant

Customer-specific technical elements and modules made of rubber, rubber metal and plastic
Automotive- Gummi Technik
Project Highlights: 
  • EDI integration
  • eBusiness solution abas eB as internal application to connect scanners in goods receipt and the warehouse
  • Integration of QA
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