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Clarion Technologies

Clarion Technologies is a leader in advanced injection molding, integrated glass systems and various other capabilities in fabrication & assembly. Their injection molding specialties include two-shot / multi-shot molding, gas-assist molding, applique molding, over injection and insert molding. Clarion uses these techniques to make parts for businesses in various industries, including automotive, home appliances, and the consumer industries.

Clarion Technologies offers its B2B customers a full-service development process for the components it makes, helping its customers design, produce and finance the needed component. Because of the changing, highly-customized nature of its work, Clarion needs to remain flexible in all parts of its business, especially planning and production.

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Custom Manufacturing
Industrial Machinery
Fabrication and Assembly
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With abas, all of the different facets of our production are interlinked, and the relevant data is visible to all of us.
Tim Derengowski, Operations Controller

Advanced Molding, Integrated Glass Systems, Pad Printing, Hot Stamping, Heat Transfer, etc.
Clarion plastics
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When Clarion sought an ERP partner, its needs were clear: it wanted advanced planning and scheduling capability, mobile apps to drive innovation, real-time visibility into its production data, bar coding, and EDI integration. After conducting its due diligence, Clarion chose abas ERP to deliver on those needs.

Clarion’s Operations Controller, Tim Derengowski, saw a big difference after the abas ERP implementation. Whereas before the ERP implementation, Clarion couldn’t really get fast and precise information about its production, things changed after abas: “Now with abas, all of the different facets of our production -- the parts, the resin, the machines -- are all interlinked and the relevant data is visible to all of us.” What improvements has this enabled? Many, according to Derengowski: “If someone sees an error now in the production, or wants to change the schedule, it can happen live and everybody can see it as it’s happening.”

Gaining that sort of visibility and agility into production and production-related data enhances quality and precision. It also drives better, more data-driven decision-making throughout Clarion. Working with abas USA to meet all its ERP requirements, Clarion Technologies is building a strong future for itself and its customers.

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