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The original company was founded with just 2 employees in October 2006. Their previous positive experiences with abas and the support provided by the abas software partner made abas a clear choice to ensure the continued growth of the company. The time came in June 2007. Just two months after making the decision for abas the system went live and six months later financial accounting was added to the areas of their business supported by abas, despite original plans to the contrary. And yet the project still remained well within the planned budget. In 2008, the abas eBusiness application became the next addition, enabling the company to provide accurate and up-to-date information to customers, prospects, foreignand domestic subsidiaries, vendors, and employees through an internet portal. The company provided the hardware for this project themselves. In 2011, the company was integrated into the Adiscon group. The company changed its name to Acondistec GmbH in 2014.

The intensive support provided by the project representatives of abas GmbH & Co. KG ensures our company can quickly take advantage of the yearly improvements and expansions offered for abas. I cannot begin to imagine how I would process my constantly growing workload without the abas infosystems. With abas as a solid foundation for our back office, I know that the international expansion of our group of companies and the introduction of new product lines are also safe. Once again, it was the right decision.
Tanja Link, Branch Manager
Project Highlights: 
  • Quick launch
  • Up-to-date data using infosystems
  • Separate connections to branches
  • Mobile access
  • Permanent upgradability
  • Integrated financial accounting
  • Comprehensive telephone service


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