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Mechanical and plant engineering

Beckwood Press Company

Beckwood is an industry leader with a global presence in the hydraulic press marketplace, supplying a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, energy, automotive, construction, and agricultural.

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Electrical engineering

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment is a manufacturer and recognized innovator of coin-operated amusement and arcade games.

Metalworking industry

Dustless Tools

The mission of Dustless Tools is to help quickly and conveniently eliminate dust, ash and other mess.

Automotive industry

Clarion Technologies

Clarion Technologies is a leader in advanced injection molding, integrated glass systems and various other capabilities in fabrication assembly.

Medical engineering

OCULUS Surgical

OCULUS Surgical developed the first non-contact wide angle viewing system for vitreoretinal surgery.

Gummi- und Kunststofftechnik
Rubber and plastics technology

North Coast Seal

North Coast Seal (NCS) provides a wide variety of sealing products such as gaskets, seals and O-rings to companies worldwide.

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ERP for the midmarket: Why Abas?

ERP software has been our passion for over 40 years. As one of the leading ERP developers, we offer a solution designed by the midmarket for the midmarket. The focus is always on the customer, who actively helps shape the future of Abas ERP.

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„We really respect Abas’ determination to continually improve their products and services. It has really motivated us internally to do the same.“

Ryan Stayanchi
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