Abas ERP in the automotive industry

Ensuring readiness for delivery, reliability, quality, flexibility and a wide variety of scheduling or logistics processes pose major challenges for automotive suppliers. Efficiency, cost management, and transparency are critical to remaining competitive. abas ERP is the perfect-fit ERP solution for mid-market automotive companies. 

Abas ERP Automobilindustrie

Automotive supply industry expertise

Full transparency along the supply chain


Typical requirements of the automotive supply industry

Supply Chain 2

Management of a complex supply chain


Full transparency in the on-demand, delivery and production environment


Selecting a Manufacturing ERP System in 7 Easy Steps

The Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps whitepaper includes guidelines on

  • Organizing and prioritizing your requirements
  • Compiling internal documents
  • Preparing a company presentation
  • And much more!
Abas ERP Whitepaper: Selecting a Manufacturing ERP System in 7 Easy Steps

Abas automotive customers

Customer story ERNST Umformtechnik

Data exchange via EDI, extended workbench, B2B portal:  abas ERP supports the Hidden Champion Ernst Umformtechnik with efficient business processes at several international sites.

Function highlights

Important ERP features for the automotive industry

Abas ERP helps your company manage a complex supply chain and coordinates the agreed logistical processes between the vendor/sub-vendor and the automobile manufacturer.

Abas ERP Automobilindustrie effiziente Automotive-Prozesse

Common industry requirements

Efficient automotive processes 

Abas ERP maps all relevant processes in the automotive and supply industry – in particular, industry-specific requirements such as managing blanket orders, delivery schedules and JIT delivery schedules as well as control via cumulative figures, container management, or lot and serial number management. 

Electronic Data Interchange 

Integrated EDI standards

The integration of the standardized EDI processes according to VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT or ANSI X12 represents a considerable competitive advantage. With their help, processes are automated, manual work is minimized, and sources for errors are eliminated.

Abas ERP Automobilindustrie integrierte EDI-Standards
Abas ERP Automobilindustrie Disposition - Material und Termine flexibel planen


Flexibly plan material and due dates

Abas ERP's material requirements and schedule planning supports various scheduling methods. In critical situations in the production environment, an efficient early warning system enables you to make reliable decisions.

Abas ERP Functions

A comprehensive solution with over 
25 powerful functional areas

Abas ERP delivers continuous support in all business processes - from purchasing, sales and scheduling to production, warehouse, service and financial accounting. Learn more about some of the most important functional areas and how they can help you master your daily tasks.

Automotive supplier Galvanotechnik Kessel relies on abas ERP

Automotive supplier Galvanotechnik Kessel relies on Abas ERP 

IoT is not a dream of the future for the automotive supplier, they've been living it for years. The abas ERP business software plans and controls production via interfaces to the electroplating plants and analysis machines. abas ERP fully automates the collection and control of the machine feedback data on the production machines. Quality Assurance is also mapped via the ERP system.

Abas ERP customers in the automotive industry