7 Reasons to Choose abas When Selecting an ERP


Choosing an ERP system is a big commitment, not unlike choosing a partner in your personal life. You need a partner who understands your needs, who cares about the things you care about, who is capable of changing and growing along with you, someone who is easy to talk to and focuses on solving problems. It’s all about compatibility: you want a relationship that can help you thrive, for today and tomorrow. 

Whether it comes to finding a mate or choosing the right ERP system for your company, making the wrong choice is costly (and it goes way beyond just money). An ERP provider might promise you the moon and the stars, but deliver only headaches and hard knocks. You need to be careful, conduct your due diligence, and effectively manage the risks along the way. 

7 reasons to partner with abas ERP:


#1: A relationship that will grow with you and meet your ongoing business needs

One of the core values abas ERP offers its partners is flexibility, the capacity to keep pace with emerging trends in technology. We all know how fast the business landscape is changing, as trends like predictive data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) loom as potential game-changers. You need an ERP system that can accommodate all the changes that might occur in a fast-changing world, and abas ERP does exactly that, helping you future-proof your operations. Life, and certainly business, requires agility.

ERP selection starts with a solid RFP.  Learn how to write an effective ERP RFP by downloading our ebook, Writing a Better ERP RFP Guide

#2: Multiple ERP deployment options to meet your needs

It’s never my way or the highway with abas ERP. We’ll work with you to figure out which ERP deployment option works best for your needs and capacities. We can offer you on-premise deployments that leverage your own hardware infrastructure. We can offer you Cloud-based deployments such as the hybrid Cloud, which combine some of your IT infrastructure with Cloud-based assets that we manage for you. You might also use a “full Cloud” solution where you don’t maintain on-premise servers or IT infrastructure, letting abas ERP take care of all that for you and where you pay only for what you use. 

Hardware and IT infrastructure (and IT staff) is expensive, and you don’t want to invest in more than you need. With Cloud ERP from abas, you “rent” capacity instead of buying it, enabling your business to ramp up and down your usage (and costs) depending on the business context.

#3: Taking you to the world of app-enabled ERP

We all use mobile apps today to do so many things, from getting a ride to the airport to arranging a place to stay when we land. Why should it be any different in the workplace? At abas USA, we love desktops and laptops, but we also know that apps can enable people to access their ERP systems and ERP modules over any device, anytime, anywhere. So we’re building apps to support you in working smarter, apps fully integrated into abas ERP that allow anyone to perform work such as warehouse managementproduction, customer relationship management/CRM, and much more. No matter what you want to do with your abas ERP system, chances are that “we have an app for that” (or are building one based on customer feedback).

#4: The experience of building great ERP systems since 1980

abas has been building great ERP systems since 1980, giving us almost forty years of real-world experience implementing ERP systems around the globe. We currently serve over 100,000 users worldwide and nearly 4,000 companies. Does experience matter? Well, ask the company that chose the new kid on the block, the gushing ERP provider who promised the moon, but ended up needing to “work out a few kinks” during the implementation process. Well, those kinks disrupt your entire business, make your employees pull out their hair, cause you to lose your customers and employees. With abas ERP, you get an implementation methodology that’s been tested and effective over nearly four decades. We’re not the new kids working out the kinks on your dime.

#5: Customized Implementation and a customized approach

One size does not fit all. While Henry Ford may have famously told his Model-T customers, “you can have the car in any color you want, as long as it’s black,” we take a different approach. We come in and sit down with you, mapping out your operations and defining just the right ERP solution to meet your unique needs. The architecture of our ERP systems is designed to support flexibility, so changes can be made as your needs change. If you grow, your ERP system grows with you. Want to build a new warehouse across the street or across the country? Thinking about acquiring a smaller competitor but concerned about integrating them into your IT systems? Well, abas ERP will help you do that and more. 

#6: A great User Interface drives adoption

Nothing is worse than implementing a new system and finding that end-users won’t adopt it, maybe because it’s not as intuitive as the prior system, that it’s buggy and clunky and ugly (or worse). At abas USA, we involve users when we develop our user interfaces, building the UI in a way that drives accessibility and user adoption. No matter how amazing the capabilities of any system, it’s meaningless if users don’t want to use it because it’s not intuitive or easy to use. We prioritize the UI to drive adoption of everything we build. The UI/interface matters to our users, so it matters to us.

#7: A focus on mid-sized manufacturers and distributors

Why focus, rather than running around doing everything for everybody? Because when you focus your efforts, quality and innovation and customization get enabled and improved. When you try to be all things to all people, you end up being nothing to nobody. At abas, we know our customer, the business they’re in, and what drives their success. We offer great ERP systems to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. We’ve been focusing on you and your needs for decades and aren’t shopping around for the next shiny object. 

At abas USA, we believe in strengthening our existing relationships in the industries where we’re already known and thriving. Since we focus on you and your market, we know the particular challenges you face. Chances are, we’ve seen those challenges before and helped resolve them multiple times.  

So why should you choose abas ERP? In the end, because you’re choosing a strategic partner who will help you work smarter and more flexibly. You’ll want to get it right, finding a great partner. As abas USA President Alan Salton explains, “We’re in the business of helping manufacturers thrive, not just for today, but for tomorrow and into the future, whatever that future might look like. We’re constantly growing our own capacities so we can help our partners grow theirs. We’re all in this together, and we’re in it for the long haul.” 

That’s what a great partnership should look like. 

Interested in learning more about abas ERP? View the abas ERP Overview Brochure, or contact abas today to set up a call. 

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