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e-Book: Unbounded Manufacturing

abas ERP Unbounded Manufacturing

This e-book will answer questions such as:

  • Which technologies should I invest in to be most competitive?
  • How do technologies like AR, AI, CPQ, IoT, and SaaS relate to manufacturing?
  • How do I avoid falling behind the competition?
  • How does the technology landscape differ between Custom Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, Auto Parts Manufacturing, and Fabrication & Assembly?


Welcome to the Next Era of Manufacturing!

A storm of disruptive technology has hit manufacturing in the past decade, irreversibly altering all aspects of the industry and setting a modern standard for 21st century industrial business. These changes are creating winners and losers those who adopt the right technologies at the right time to gain a competitive edge, and those who don't. Which will you be?

In the e-book, we dive into five specific industries: Custom Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery, Automotive Supply, Electronics, and Fabrication & Assembly. 

Unbounded Manufacturing and the future of industry

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