Why do manufacturers use abas ERP?

At abas, we know manufacturing inside and out. Not only have we been building ERP for mid-size manufacturers since 1980, we are focused on companies in just a few industries, ensuring that it’s a good fit. 

Some of the specific features of abas that are geared toward mid-size manufacturers:  

abas ERP also makes it easy for you to do customizations and upgrades. Our multi-tiered architecture, which separates your customizations from the business and database layers of the system, allows you to make extensive customizations across the board, and still smoothly upgrade when a new version of the software is released. The independent components eliminate the need for rewriting previously developed custom programs, screens, and reports.

Another feature that manufacturers love about abas ERP is its ability to keep your workforce mobile through a suite of mobile applications that perform specific, important tasks. Rather than weighing down everyday users with screen after screen of complex field entry and report views, we use sophisticated security techniques to give users what they need, when they need it on the devices that make the most sense. Our mobile apps include service, delivery, inventory management, cycle count, job time, and CRM.

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