ERP Implementation

What are the advantages of a proven implementation methodology?

Introducing a new ERP system can be an enormous challenge for any organization, and the expertise of your implementation partner is just as important as the software you choose. The quality of their process consulting and the effectiveness of their project management will determine your success. In short, a proven methodology means you know what type of results you will get, how long the process will take, what to expect along the way, and how much it will cost.

Since 1999, abas has ensured consistent quality around the globe with our proven implementation methodology, which ensures the quickest ROI and the most effective and efficient installation, setup and training possible. With our structured approach centered on the goals you want to achieve with ERP. It is designed to keep your project within budget and on time, while balancing available resources. An overarching project organization manages the holistic aspect of the project and coordinates objectives, communication and procedures for multiple installations around the globe.