abas ERP

Are upgrades possible?

Yes, and this is a strength of abas ERP, that upgrades are not just possible, but simple, even after you have customized your installation of the software. abas ERP was designed as a long-term solution that allows for smooth and easy upgrades to take place down the road after implementation. For every new version of abas ERP that is available to users, abas rewrites part of the ERP code to provide users with a whole new and improved system. The software is separated into three major layers including an outside layer that holds all of a user's customizations, an inside business layer, and the database as a core. This makes it easy to upgrade one part of the layer without effecting any of the others, so users can maintain their customizations while still being able to upgrade their system. abas encourages users to regularly upgrade their ERP systems in order to adapt to the latest business challenges, trends and technologies in the market.