Infographic: What is ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software solution that optimizes the way you run your business. ERP software works by finding the most efficient way for a company to plan and schedule resources in order to optimize productivity. ERP does this by using workflows that streamline processes and allow users to view operational data, ensuring their business is reaching optimum productivity and organization.






What can ERP do for your customers?

ERP creates data visibility within your business and lets you build processes around that information. 


In addition to optimizing scheduling and planning, or the behind-the-scenes part of your processes, ERP also optimizes the other side of your business: customer interaction. ERP improves your customer relationships by creating data visibility for both you and your customer. This allows users to base workflows off of real-time data, balancing supply and demand and improving vendor relationships.

What is ERP Infographic


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