Which is the right ERP system for my company?

Which ERP system is the right one for your business naturally depends on a wide range of factors. What are your special requirements, how can your business processes be mapped, and how is your company structured? Can company- and industry-specific requirements be fulfilled? The more flexible your ERP system is, the better you can meet ever-changing requirements well into the future. If your company is growing, you need a scalable solution that can grow with your business. In this regard, the ability of the system to operate in international environments can be a decisive criterion.

To make the determination about which ERP system is right for you, start by defining your project goals and key players in the decision process, then gather and prioritize your requirements -- process requirements as well as technical items. This is a good point to decide on a method for vendor evaluation. Most companies start with 5-10 ERP vendors that they conduct preliminary research on before narrowing it down to the top 2-4. These vendors show you a full software demo, and many times, conduct an interactive workshop as well. At this point, you're ready to move on to the proposal stage, talk to the vendors' references, and make a decision. By following a methodology like this, you ensure that you will select an ERP system that's right for your company. 

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