As the original manufacturer of the reciprocating Co-Kneader technology, BUSS offers unique compounding solutions that continue to set the standard for heat or shear critical applications in the plastics, aluminum, chemical and food industries.

Buss AG

About Buss

The selection process was highly structured and stretched out over several months. Over the course of several workshops bytics was able to demonstrate to the responsible decision makers at Buss that they are the right partner with the right solution. The importance of integrated processes was emphasized, from structured engineering to BOMs and the advantages of integrated service features. Especially high requirements were set for cost accounting, in order to improve transparency and the profitability of Buss‘s products. abas has been productively deployed at Buss since 2009. Two main release upgrades have been performed since then and a PLM interface was implemented in 2010. DMS from Habel, which is fully integrated in abas, was added in early 2012.

We chose abas because its functions, degree of integration, software solutions, investment and operational costs as well as implementation effort best suited our processes and needs. The degree to which we could customize the software and the superb usability of the program were also factors in our decision. The experienced consultants from bytics proved that bytics is a flexible and competent partner throughout the ERP implementation process.

- Michael Kasimir, CIO

Project highlights

  • Implementation on schedule and within budget
  • PLM integration
  • Customizations by the user during the implementation phase
  • DMS integration


At a glance

Industry: Mechanical and plant engineering








Kneader facilities for processing high quality plastic compounds


Switzerland, USA