Why industrial manufacturers love abas ERP's lot control module

warehouse with pallets of materials


In some of our previous posts, we've looked at specific abas ERP features and their applications in industrial manufacturing, and how they help businesses build responsiveness, quality and control.

Today's post will offer a closer look at one of the most popular features of abas ERP; the lot control module.


A high-level overview of the lot control workflow

A lot is a specific quantity of components or subassemblies with shared characteristics such as quality, vendor, potency, age, etc. control allows manufacturers to assign specific numbers to each lot and track them through every stage of the production process within the ERP software, starting with purchase orders, moving through production, and ending with sales order fulfillment.

Lot control begins when you receive the raw materials from your vendors. Everything downstream from this can vary based on the process but the one thing that all of our manufacturing clients have in common is the need to input this specific lot information during production.

abas ERP's lot control makes it quick and easy for manufacturers to access specific lot information whenever they need it.

With abas ERP, our goal with each implementation is to simplify and limit the overall number of manual inputs the user has to make when entering and tracking lots through the system. This makes it so the user does not have to dig in multiple screens to find the correct lot, saving a considerable amount of time and reducing errors. Ultimately, the flexibility of the lot record, combined with the flexibility of the abas ERP system allows the flow of the lot tracking to make it through the Production process in a seamless and noninvasive way.

Lot control - from "nice to have" to "must include"

Our clients love this level of tracking capability because it allows them to pinpoint exactly where to look when an item in production does not meet specifications. This is a requirement for manufacturers in heavily regulated sectors like pharmaceuticals, food packaging, aerospace and other industries where firms can be hit with harsh penalties and lawsuits if a product doesn't meet strict standards.

With each client, we look for specific ways to customize the lot record and integrate it right into production.

Even in industries that don’t face strict regulation, manufacturers are beginning to look for lot control capabilities because they make scheduling and planning much easier, since users will know exactly where every component is at any given time. Additionally, the ability to trace lots through the production process helps ensure that only the best quality products reach the customer, since deficiencies can be traced to their source and remediated as soon as possible.

For example, abas USA recently worked with a client that produces specialty refractory products. Some of its products sell for over $10,000 apiece, so if the product has a large crack in it after coming out of the oven, the company needs to know exactly what went wrong. An investigation into what caused the break will lead to an evaluation of all the raw materials that went into the product and, more specifically, the exact lots that were involved with that order. abas ERP ensures this happens in a timely manner by making lot data very easy to access, reducing the investigation from days to minutes.

Check out some of the companies we have helped in the industrial manufacturing industry here. Also be sure to Download our free Whitepaper: Perfection in Production to find out more about abas ERP.