Capterra Names abas USA as a Top 20 ERP Provider of 2019

Capterra Names abas USA as a Top 20 ERP Provider of 2019


abas ERP Named a Top 20 ERP Provider by Capterra

Every company leader knows that software and digital tools are key drivers of business success. ERP software helps your business work smarter and faster, helps you connect your internal and external stakeholders, connects your IT systems, enables your multiple different business units in multiple locations (whether across town or across the globe) to communicate and coordinate with each other seamlessly in real-time. 

Most of all, an ERP system enables you to access and leverage all your company’s relevant data, allowing you to transform that data into actionable insights (i.e., business intelligence) to improve both your decision-making and business processes. If your goal is to work “smarter” by gaining full visibility into all parts of your business operations, from the back-office to your supply chain to your production, then the ability to see and follow your data is key. An ERP system is more than just hardware and software -- its a business partner that supports your ongoing growth today and into the future.

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When it comes to selecting the right ERP partner, one size definitely does not fit all. But the obvious need for business software doesn’t answer a profoundly challenging question: which software and software vendor is right for the needs of your particular business? When it comes to selecting the right ERP partner for you, one size definitely does not fit all. You need an ERP partner who understands your needs and wants, one with vast experience implementing ERP systems across many companies in many different industries around the globe. Capterra, the leading online resource for businesses seeking to research and evaluate business software, helps you find the right ERP vendor for your business.

Indeed, Capterra, launched in 1999, helps businesses learn about all available software solutions, from A to Z, and compares the many options available in multiple categories, such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. You can think of Capterra as a neighbor who knows just about everything about a topic and is ready to explain it all in detail from across the back fence. The Capterra platform offers users a terrific primer on what ERP software is, what vendors are in the market and what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how the right ERP platform can help your business.

Capterra keeps it simple and breaks everything down for any business looking to select an ERP vendor. They start at the beginning, defining ERP software for you in an easily-understood way: “Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) integrates all of an organization’s departments and functions into a single system to help manage the business. Departments that are often integrated through ERP software include finance, planning, marketing, human resources, sales, reporting, manufacturing, operations, and more.”

That’s as straightforward a definition of ERP as you’ll find anywhere. Capterra is in the business of clarifying the WHAT, in terms of what software is available and explaining WHY you might need it, and also offers you an array of tools to find the best software and software vendor/partner to meet the needs of your particular business.

Capterra Places abas ERP; Among Top 20 ERP Providers of 2019

As part of its mission to help businesses learn about and evaluate software vendors, Capterra compiles an annual list of the Top 20 most popular software providers in multiple categories, including ERP. Although there are nearly 500 ERP providers listed/evaluated by Capterra (the ERP space is nothing if not filled with options for potential B2B buyers), the Top 20 list selects the ones that offer the most overall value to the businesses that use them, Capterra’s Top 20 list picks ERP providers that business users themselves are most satisfied with, the vendors that have provided the right solutions for their customers. 

Capterra’s in-depth evaluation criteria for its Top 20 ERP List includes a combination of customer evaluations, total number of users of the software, and social media mentions/factors. Again, Capterra isn’t using a panel or committee of outside experts to define the “best” ERP software vendors, it is using what the business users of ERP software are saying about the software they use. And what matters to B2B ERP users? First, that the technology adds value and helps them work more productively. Second, that the ERP vendor is a real partner who collaborates with the company to identify needs and build custom solutions around them. Third, that the businesses get all the help and support they needs as the use their ERP syste

For 2019, Capterra honored abas ERP by including us in its coveted Top 20 list of ERP providers. In fact, abas was ranked #15 overall among the some 500 ERP providers listed by Capterra. It’s important to keep in mind that abas USA is far from the biggest ERP vendor, but that we’re proudest of our customer-focus. We provide the right system for our customer’s needs, working closely with them in all asks of the solution. While abas ERP has a strong, special customer focus, with 100,000 users, the ERP providers in the top 3 positions on Capterra’s list were much, much bigger than abas, each of them having more than 2 million users. 

So what abas ERP does best is deliver high-quality ERP systems with a strong customer-and-service orientation. With abas, unlike the “monster-sized” providers at the top of the list, your business isn’t one among a cast of millions. You want to feel that your ERP vendor puts you first. At abas USA, we’re small enough to care for and nurture our users, offering them high-quality service and customized solutions. As a company, abas is focused on the future

In terms of customer reviews, abas ERP has 43 reviews on Capterra with an average customer rating of 4 stars out of 5, which was exactly the same customer review rating average as the #1 provider on the list. So it’s clear that our customers recognize and appreciate the high quality abas USA consistently delivers to them. However, every customer review of abas ERP in 2019, as of this writing, has been 5 stars out of 5. In other words, abas USA seems to be on quite a roll of late, especially in light of making the coveted Capterra Top 20 ERP providers list for 2019. Customers on Capterra repeatedly mentioned “the ease of use” abas provides as well as its “great integration with other systems.”

So we’re proud to see that our customers recognize two important points about us: (1) we’re easy to work with, responsive; and (2) our ERP system “works well with others.” So if your business wants to add some new, emerging technology, whether 3D printing or advanced robotics, our ERP platform enables you to easily do so. In this way, we help you future-proof your business operations by offering a platform for growth and emerging technologies.

So if you’re considering an ERP system for your business, know that abas ERP is moving up the ranks, having made the prestigious Top 20 list of ERP providers for 2019 in a very crowded software category, competing against 500 other vendors. If you’re looking for a “non-monster-sized” ERP provider who will give you the attention and high-quality, customized solutions you need to grow today and tomorrow, then you’ll find a great partner in abas ERP. Thanks to Capterra and, more importantly, to our 4,000 customers and 120,000 users for honoring us by allowing us to help you work smarter.

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