The benefits of abas ERP's integration with Magento's e-commerce platform

The benefits of abas ERP's integration with Magento's e-commerce platform


In almost every industry, having a well-designed e-commerce portal is crucial to providing complete customer service. It's possible to design and deploy one from scratch, but most businesses find that to be too expensive and time consuming. That's where Magento comes in.

Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce websites, and it has become the go-to tool for enterprise and midmarket businesses looking to better serve their customers over the Internet. It's a scalable, high-performance platform that allows users to customize almost every facet of the customer interface and set up backend workflows to match business processes.

"Magento is very easy to deploy - it only takes a few hours," said Nicolas Dormont, vice president of information systems at abas USA. "It's easy to upgrade, add new functionalities and deploy them without hassle."


Integration between Magento´s Web store and abas ERP

This is why abas ERP is designed to sync with Magento's e-commerce platform. By integrating the two platforms, our customers can automate a great deal of their customer service processes, reducing time spent on manually entering orders and the chances of errors that can arise when filling customer orders.

Manufacturers and distributors can populate their Magento Web stores with every item in their catalogs, as well as options to configure each order to the customer's exact specifications. Once the customer places an order, managers can download the information directly into abas ERP, which will automatically go to production and shipping so the order can be fulfilled as quickly as possible.

"It's all done through the web portal. There are no unnecessary faxes or phone calls that lead to mistakes and inefficiencies," Dormont explained.

Magento can completely reshape your Web portal to meet any standard you have.

It works the other way around too - a business can upload a product list from abas ERP to the Web store, making it easy to keep the online listings updated. Additionally, it keeps customers in the loop regarding their orders. For example, once the order is shipped to the client, abas ERP automatically relays that information to the customer through the Magento platform.

It's all about making the interaction between customers and manufacturers/distributors as fluid as possible. Fortunately, there are plugins for Magento that further boost the capabilities of the basic system.

How the abas and Magento configurators sync for seamless customization

According to Dormont, one of the biggest selling points for Magento is its thriving community of volunteer developers who are constantly adding new plugins to the Extensions Marketplace. One of the most powerful of these is known as the configurator.

The configurator allows customers to configure their orders to their exact specifications. The client can choose from a predefined list of specs to build their product according to their exact needs. This may involve specific design features or choosing which accessories to add to the order.

"A simple way to think about it is like buying an Apple computer," Dormont said. "You can choose a premade one, or you can tweak it to get one that is exactly what you're looking for. You can change colors, get different hardware, or even choose which accessories you want to come with it. That's what the configurator can do for any product."

This tool also gives manufacturers the ability to specify which dimensions can be configured and to what extent based on their own production capabilities. Once the specifications are set, the manufacturer can upload it directly to Magento.

By designing abas ERP to sync with Magento's popular platforms, we can offer our customers a high-performance e-commerce solution at a low cost and with a short time to deployment.

If you're interested in Magento, check out our product page for even more information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an abas representative today.