abas ERP Enhanced by Advanced Planning and Simulation Features

abas ERP advanced planning and simulation

abas USA today announced that Advanced Planning and Simulation will now be a standard part of abas ERP for most installations in the United States and Canada. The module allows master planners to save time and money by reducing production setup times and visually viewing and rescheduling orders; improve customer service by providing realistic delivery dates; and improve resource utilization by identifying and acting on bottlenecks and underutilized resources.

Advanced Planning and Simulation includes a user-configurable graphic planner with four views: work orders, resources, utilization and materials. To enable faster and more efficient planning, the new feature provides manufacturing users with a graphical view of scheduling with the ability to flexibly and selectively combine views and drag and drop orders to new dates or work centers. 

“With the new Advanced Planning tool, users can easily compare work order sequencing with resource availability, current work center utilization, and material availability,” said Brady Stephenson, Logistics Consultant at abas USA. “This provides master planners the foresight needed to optimize their production facility’s schedule based off of real-time data pulled from abas ERP and create a more realistic master schedule for production,” he said.

Advanced Planning and Simulation provides users the ability to simulate a production plan with finite capacity to determine realistic delivery dates via capacity analysis and forward scheduling. Users will also be able to predict resource bottlenecks for machines and work centers based on current demands, batch setup times for expected work orders to optimize total expected machine setup time, and choose potential resource alternatives to alleviate bottlenecks for scheduled engineering maintenance time. Once a production plan has been created, the user can write data back to abas ERP to adjust the schedule based on the constraints and priorities specified.

abas ERP Sales Planning overview

abas ERP's Advanced Planning and Simulation tool saves master planners time and money by reducing production setup times, allowing visual viewing and rescheduling of orders, improving customer service, and improving resource utilization by identifying and acting on bottlenecks and underutilized resources. 


“The addition of the Advanced Planning and Simulation tool provides an entirely new level of optimization and agility to our manufacturing base,” said Alan Salton, President of abas USA.  “Our visual planning board gives views of work centers, work orders, capacity bottlenecks, machine utilization and material constraints in the most intuitive way possible. When you add the ability to have the system smooth demand based on finite capacity, setting up alternative lines and machines, and run multiple simulations, abas ERP provides state-of-the-art flexibility to respond to a changing production environment,” Salton said.

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