abas Delivery and Route planning mobile app

The abas Delivery and Route Planning mobile app maps out the optimum multi-stop route for delivery.

The abas Delivery and Route Planning mobile app is ideal for users who have their own delivery trucks. The app allows managers to indicate what needs to be loaded onto each truck, and gives drivers access to see what needs to be delivered. The mobile app is powered by Google maps and considers current traffic conditions to give truck drivers the optimum, multi-stop route to get from their warehouse to each destination.

Furthermore, the app provides confirmation of delivery by capturing the customer’s signature from the packing slip and tying it back into abas. The app can also trigger an e-mail to the customer to confirm delivery. If the item could not be delivered, the user can create a note with the packing slip that indicates the reason why the item wasn’t delivered and tie it back to abas. The Delivery and Route planning mobile app can also tie into the abas Workflow Editor, a software that gives managers and administrators control of their workflow processes through an interactive dashboard. For example, if a user cannot deliver a package, the note they create with the packing slip will notify the Workflow, allowing managers to put a process in place for completion of the delivery.

If you have any further questions about the app, please feel free to contact an abas representative today.