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How digital is your company? Are you Old School or Digital Champion? Find out using our free digitalization test!
How digital is your company?
Digitalization How digital is your company?

Digitalization Readiness Check: More than just a check

Yes, there are many tests to determine your digital maturity. What's special about the Digitalization Readiness Check? It doesn't only determine your status quo, but also provides a comparison to other midsize production companies. You will receive a detailed evaluation and personalized recommended action for the digital transformation of your company per mail. Completely free, of course.

Systematic - Digital Readiness Check


From procurement to logistics, to sales: Answer 22 specific questions about 8 central business processes!

Comparative - Digital Readiness Check


Are you a model pupil or bottom of the class? Find out how well you are equipped for digitalization compared to your competition!

Leading the way - Digital Readiness Check

Leading the way 

What's next? For your start in digitalization, the digitalization test identifies potential and areas of activity. 

Substantiated - Digital Readiness Check


The digitalization test and the basic methodology is based on a close cooperation with the Technical University of Central Hessen.

digital readiness: how digital is your company?

Digital Readiness Check

After completing the digitalization test, you'll not only receive a detailed result with comparison values, but also material to help get you up to speed quickly. Easy to understand and practical.

Custom recommended actions and tips will show you the next steps to successfully achieve the digitalization of your business processes.

Are you digital ready?

Find out how digitally mature you really are and compare yourself with other companies.

Digital Readiness Check
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Sames, TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences
In small and medium-sized businesses in particular, there is a significant discrepancy between already known and available technologies for digitalization and their use in the companies. The progress of digitalization can only be classified as critical especially because there is a continually increasing shortage of skilled professionals and the possibilities of business model expansions.



what is iot - and are smes "ready for digital"? 

Through the digital transformation, up to 50% of midsize companies will be completely outdated or disappear from the market completely. Production SMEs are still a long way off from a 'Silicon Germany' - although renowned IoT experts are of the opinion that German companies could (still) catch up with their international competitors using the Internet of Things. From additive production to batch size 1, right up to Predictive Maintenance: the potential of digitalization and Industry 4.0 is huge. 

What is IoT anyway? How is the new technology transformed into added value? The possibilities of intelligent networking in companies seem endless. Work pieces plan their own production process, machines communicate with one another and millions of sensors provide data which enables faster and better decisions. 

However, a strategic approach in process optimization not only applies to production itself, but all departments, from procurement to sales, right up to customer service. Customers gain from completely new products and service experience. Successfully implemented Smart Factory examples worldwide demonstrate how business processes are automated using IoT, how costs are saved and how new business models are developed. 

The fields of activity are complex and midsize companies must structure the future without endangering running operation - a difficult balance which requires courage and know-how. A strategic start into digitalization requires knowledge of how your company is currently positioned in comparison to others. The abas digitalization test helps you orientate yourself. Start digitalizing your company now!

Are you digital ready? Start the Readiness Check now!
Digital ready? Start the Readiness Check now!

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