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Dry Systems Technologies

The mining process inevitably generates unwanted soot, smoke and other emissions. Illinois-based Dry Systems Technologies (DST) designs, manufactures, and installs diesel emissions equipment used for mining and construction equipment. Dry Systems is a leading supplier of Diesel Power Packages and Emissions Control Solutions for both new (O.E.M.) and rebuilt machinery. Dry Systems’ long-standing goal has been to develop and manufacture safer and more economical products to make diesel engines run cleaner.

DST’s product range includes oxidation catalysts, diesel engines, diesel emission reduction systems, diesel scoops, and diesel haulers. DST also offers its customers heavy equipment rebuilding services, extending the useful life of expensive machinery that makes mines productive.

Project Highlights: 

One of the biggest motivators DST had in choosing an ERP provider was productivity improvement. DST wasn’t able to get real-time information about its complex production processes. With its old software, employees had to jump around to get the information they needed, and a task that should only have taken a short time ended up taking a much longer time: a clear waste of resources, time and effort.

DST chose to partner with abas, and the software significantly improved its visibility into its production process. DST viewed abas as a system with an easier learning curve and more intuitive user interface than other ERP systems it considered.

Dry Systems also takes advantage of abas’ integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality. The CRM organizes critical customer information, including contact data, sales processes, notes, tasks, documents, and correspondence relating to prospects and transactions, helping DST manage their interaction with current and future customers.

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