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abas Academy - Webinar ( 2016 10 )

Save the date that abas Academy Webinar will START AGAIN on 12th & 13th Oct. 2016

This training course will introduce you the "sales planning" , "revenue planning", "preliminary costing" and "final costing".You can also exchange ideas with our training expert and other classmates.

Take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the abas team firsthand. The speakers will provide you with tips and tricks of abas Business Software for your daily use. And of course we are really willing to listen to your advices and feedback to help us with better development at the end of the Webinar class.

During the class, you will learn about :


Date: Oct. 12th 2016
Time: 13:00 - 17:00 pm
Duration: 0.5 Day
Language: Chinese

Using sales planning and revenue planning as part of your resource planning you can plan the sales quantities and revenues of products and product ranges. 

Sales and revenue planning work according to the same procedure and use the same screens. 

They differ in the output: sales are displayed in stock units or processing units, the revenue as a value in a currency.

Sales planning and revenue planning give you the following options:

·  Structuring a planning hierarchy
  ·  Planning quantities and revenue based on product ranges and products
  ·  Setting periods for the actual, basic and planned data
  ·  Separate entry and deletion of basic, planned and actual data on the planning and planning unit level
  ·  Automatic creation of planning units
  ·  Planning per customer or warehouse group
  ·  Weighting of individual planning units
  ·  Consideration of return deliveries
  ·  Output of the quantities in stock units or processing units
  ·  Use of a revenue planned price for the revenue planning
  ·  Fixing of the planning status
  ·  Planning of new products without basic data using comparable, already existing products
  ·  Connection to scheduling via the rolling planning

Preliminary costing and final costing 初步成本 & 最终成本计算

Date: Oct. 13th 2016
Time: 13:00 - 17:00 pm
Duration: 0.5 Day
Language: Chinese

Preliminary costing enables the evaluation and calculation of the costs of individual products, or products as a component of quotation, sales order or blanket order items, as well as services, service quotations, service orders and repair orders in service processing. The quotation and sales order preliminary costing also considers prices from purchase order suggestions and purchase order items in the case of procurements of variants.

The Final costing function enables you to subsequently calculate costs for products, quotation and sales order items, as well as work order suggestions and review their economic efficiency. All types of procurements are included in final costing, both sales order related procurements and warehouse procurements. Together with the work order suggestions also procurements such as purchase orders are costed if they are part of a work order suggestion.

When doing this, the cost of goods manufactured, cost of goods sold and the sales price will be determined or calculated. In final costing also the costs from the purchasing packing slip are taken into account if this causes a mixed price update. An additionally posted invoice is ignored.

You can always compare the differences between the preliminary costing and final costing of a product to check your forecasting cost and the real cost.


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