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Branża biomedyczna

Branża biomedyczna

Worldwide the biomedical industry is facing significant challenges such as increasing federal taxes in the U.S. and Europe; an expanding array of rigorously enforced standards; and long, capital-intensive regulatory approval processes for new drug applications and medical devices. Given this backdrop, it's imperative that biomedical firms operate efficiently, conserve capital, and manage assets effectively.

abas ERP provides you and your team the tools to:

  • Improve raw materials planning and utilization
  • Control complex parts inventory
  • Facilitate collaboration between departments
  • Efficiently manage new drug requirements
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Product Configurators
Lots and Serial Tracking
Quality integration
Inventory Management
Shipping and Packaging Management
Production Reporting
Returns Management
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Dzięki systemowi abas ERP mogę lepiej kierować moim zespołem.
Jiao Shan
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Jeśli lubisz pracę, która jest pełna wyzwań, ciekawa i dynamicznie się zmienia, firma abas USA to miejsce dla Ciebie!
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System abas to znakomite rozwiązanie globalne, dostosowane do kultury każdego kraju.
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Complete your solution with:

Project Management

Take control of your projects

Tracking resources, budgets and milestones for multiple projects through diverse business departments can quickly get out of hand. Take control of your projects with effective management tools that help you and your team improve planning and coordination through all project phases.

By bundling and visualizing all relevant data, your business can stay on top of departmental, company-wide, or even international projects to deliver what your customers expect, when they expect it, for how much you told them it would cost.

Visualize success.
Manage resources and materials for multiple projects with interactive, graphical tools and visualize up-to-date plans.

Improve collaboration.
Keep your team aware of operational context so they can take action that best benefits your project as a whole.

Plan everything.
Centrally plan all aspects of your project including inspections, approvals, or marketing schedules.

Control profitability.
Create budgets, track costs, and preview the effects of changes to ensure the profitability of your project.

Stay on target.
Get a real-time picture of your project status with instant access to orders, change requests, expense reports, invoicing, customer information, and more.

Document Management System (DMS)

Go beyond paperless

An effective document management system is about more than “going paperless”—it’s an essential tool for improving the flow of information throughout your company by managing and archiving documents effectively and greatly reducing wasted time and unnecessary hassle with efficient search and retrieval options.

Document management in abas automatically archives documents created in the ERP system and enables you to store external documents, indexed by customer, vendor, product, or process for quicker access to the information you need.

Get the information you need, where you need it.
Centrally archive all essential documents and correspondence in the DMS for quick and easy access—even on the go.

Keep your documents safe.
Maintain a secure, revision-proof archive of all of your critical and legally required documents.

Compartmentalize sensitive information.
Business data can be highly sensitive and should be handled accordingly. A comprehensive rights management system helps you reliably control access to critical documents.

Optimize workflows.
Take the stress out of document-based business processes with faster, more reliable digital workflows.

Spend less time searching.
Quickly access a manageable overview of all documents related to a specific business process.

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