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  • Ingin melakukan test drive dengan abas?Cobalah perangkat Perusahaan Virtual interaktif kami!

    Perusahaan Virtual ERP abas memberi Anda kesempatan untuk melihat bagaimana perangkat lunak ERP cocok dengan bisnis manufaktur Anda.

  • Sistem ERP terbaik di dunia- dirancang oleh Anda, diproses oleh proses.

    Bayangkan membangun alur kerja Anda sendiri yang memulai proses, bereaksi dan menghubungkan orang dan sistem.

  • Perangkat Lunak ERP yang modern untuk memberdayakan sumber daya Anda yang paling berharga- Orang-orang di dalam bisnis Anda.

    abas telah mengembangkan komponen ERP yang lincah dan fleksibel untuk mengoptimalkan alur kerja bisnis sehari-hari Anda, memberdayakan tim Anda dan merampingkan bisnis Anda

abas ERP software for manufacturing companies

Products tailored to your industry:

Custom Manufaturing
For an industry that runs on make-to-order jobs, abas ERP has the flexibility needed to accommodate those unique requirements.
industrial machinery industry and abas ERP software
abas ERP provides tools for industrial machinery businesses to accurately quote costs, monitor projects and maintain budgets.
electronics industry and abas ERP software
Electronics manufacturers can use abas to effectively manage production processes and respond to consumer demands.
automotive industry and abas ERP software
Optimize the efficiency of your automotive supply chain processes using abas ERP’s flexibility and real-time data.
Fabrication and Assembly industry
Component manufacturers require production depth and wide range of variants - abas ERP is at your side.
35+ years
of experience
Customer Stories
Sejak kami mulai menggunakan abas, saya sudah bisa menghemat banyak waktu dan bekerja lebih efisien.
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abas Experts
Saya berkembang dengan perusahaan ini secara pribadi, yang merupakan salah satu pengalaman terbaik yang pernah kumiliki.
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Tetap kompetitif dengan abas ERP.

There are many good reasons to consider new ERP system. To remain competitive, it is necessary not only to optimize business processes, but also to question your current ERP. The bigger ERP Software vendors do not support the range of industry-specific processes like abas ERP is able to do. abas ERP Software is a complete solution that provides industrial companies with exactly the functions and information they need. All of your business areas will benefit from our extensive product portfolio, which not only includes core ERP software functions, but also a wide range of valuable solutions. Whether you have 20 employees or 1000, our goal is the same – to optimize your business processes so that you can save time and costs, get a better overall view, implement reliable advance planning, and remain competitive in the future. And all the while, working with abas ERP software’s modern user interface is simple and intuitive.


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