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How to select an ERP for a Manufacturing Company in India

ERP Evaluation Blueprint

Manufacturing continues to be among the top contributors to India’s economic growth leveraging renewed support by the Government of India providing tax incentives and other provisions under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s program, Make in India.

The right ERP will streamline your business operations and scale it to great heights

It is mandatory for a business to first understand if investing in an ERP will be beneficial. Key personnel in the organisation should discuss questions such as if employee’s productivity are affected due to the current system or lack thereof, customer satisfaction improvement, more efficient use of raw materials etc. Once all the required data is gathered, it should then be followed by a decision of investing in an ERP solution at management level.

Are you preparing for an ERP implementation? Are you uncertain about how to tackle the project? We can help!

Our ERP Evaluation Blueprint checklist poster makes it easy for you to organize and track the steps from vendor selection and requirements gathering to demos and workshops, references and proposals. An organized, transparent and collaborative process is a necessity for making a confident decision.



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