ERP Selection

What are the hidden costs of ERP Software?

There are no hidden costs of abas ERP software. The charges will be explicitly explained in writing during the sales process. There is a one-time cost for the overall software, an ongoing implementation cost during the implementation stage, and an overall support fee. Other fees include any customizations you require us to perform, such as specific fields that need to be created in your implementation of abas.

Analysts report that companies too often only compare implementation and maintenance fees while preparing for their ERP projects. However, this approach falls dangerously short as it neglects the biggest cost driver in ERP: Change. When evaluating ERP providers, it's smart to include the Total Cost of Change (TCC), which measures the cost of making changes to the ERP system to meet business needs in the longer term. When applying a holistic view of all costs, including the Total Cost of Change, the value you get with abas ERP is unrivaled. Our flexible technology and implementation strategy reduce the need for maintenance, modifications and configuration, ensuring all costs are transparent and can be calculated years in advance.