Microsoft BI

Coming soon! In 2016, abas ERP will integrate with Microsoft SQL to provide an additional tool for reporting, data mining and analyzing with abas and any other data needed for business analysis. abas’ Unity Server will extract abas data to populate Microsoft SQL Server, where the data will be stored in data cubes. This powerful capability will allow abas users to perform dynamic reporting and analysis of raw data quickly and more efficiently. We will deliver several data cubes and standard reports for several application areas such as sales, purchasing, inventory and finance data.



Users can view their overall success on the Success Overview page of Microsoft BI.


The Sales Overview provides a comparison of the current and previous year, with an analysis of the top five customers, products and representatives.


The Purchasing Overview allows users to compare their monthly purchase value to their previous year.


Users can easily create their own Pivot Charts and Tables, such as revenue in countries, product groups, sales representatives and monthly variations.




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