Langston Co. abas ERP Implementation Case Study

This new ERP implementation case study is a must-read for any manufacturer embarking on an ERP selection or implementation project!

Langston Companies, a manufacturer headquartered in West Memphis, Tennessee, is in the process of implementing abas ERP to help the company move into the future without losing the personal touch and focus on customer service that has made them successful since 1946.  The implementation will touch nearly all aspects of their business including inventory management, shop floor, CRM and sales, accounting, palletizing, their product configurator, and even their ink mixing station.

abas today published a detailed case study that describes the process Langston is going through as part of their ERP implementation, including the key decision points and overcoming obstacles.



ERP implementation case study download

Get the Story! Download the Langston Companies ERP Implementation Case Study here



Langston put its trust in abas ERP for several key reasons related to both the software and the abas team, incuding organizational fit, the modern user interface, the lack of third party VARs, upgradability and abas' eye on the future. “ We want to be future proof,”  GM Edward Langston said.

The Langston ERP implementation team

The Langston team, including (left to right) Jim Harris, CFO and Project Manager for the ERP implementation, Edward Langston, General Manager of the Multiwall Division of Langston Companies and Brad Sexton, Sales Manager. 

"In a marketplace defined by better, faster, cheaper, more efficient, the customer can get lost in that,” said Edward Langston, GM of the Multiwall Division at Langston.
 “Even as we grow, people are still our top priority.”


ERP implementation case study download

Looking for ideas for how to succeed in your ERP selection or Implementation project? Download the Langston Companies ERP Implementation Case Study here




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