Going Global with Business Intelligence (BI)


The amount of data available throughout the globe is overwhelming. For organizations that have multiple companies or sites throughout the nation or throughout the globe, it is critical to be able to capture and summarize that data in a way that allows them to make effective business decisions. Whether you are trying to measure performance of different facilities, or expand your global market place, BI is there to help.

Business intelligence is a tool that helps you account for every piece of your business’s data, and consolidates it to deliver accurate information to decision makers in a timely manner and support effective decision making. This is done by setting specific, measurable goals, coming up with a course of action to work towards them, and finding a means to measure if that course of action is resulting in progress towards those goals.

Optimizing your global outreach through sales

By providing your business with data visibility in real-time, BI allows users to quickly view and understand KPIs without the need to sift through thousands of transactions or traditional multi-page reports. Business owners can quickly view a summarization of all relevant data that is coming from abas, enabling them to identify issues quickly and take action. For example , BI can help provide information on where products are selling the most and where they’re lagging, so business owners can identify gaps in production or marketing, and re-optimize their processes or models accordingly. In addition to ERP, BI also offers users the ability to bring in other sources of data including CRM data or website traffic data, enabling businesses owners to better understand their client base.

BI can also portray which business tactics are most effective, such as using a sales representative or a web-based campaign to reach a prospect, and in which locations they are most successful. Business owners can then take that consolidated data provided by BI to adjust how they market their business and expand their global network.

The BI Sales Pipeline gives users an overview of their opportunities, quotations, and sales orders for the year.

The BI Sales Pipeline gives users an overview of their opportunities, quotations, and sales orders for the year.

How consolidation through BI can expand your global initiatives

It is imperative for organizations with multiple locations to have a capability that enables oversight of all locations, both summarized and independently. Accounting for data in each of your locations and using it to optimize how you run your business can be difficult. To ensure the success of maintaining and/or expanding a global enterprise, it’s important to have one central overview of data that is collected in each of your company’s locations.

For a company that has multiple sites across the globe, BI can offer the ability to consolidate all of their raw data into one place. For example, an upcoming product release has required extended production hours at your manufacturing plan in China. BI would give their managers and sales representatives the status and progress of production, and inform them of whether or not they are on pace to fulfill all orders.  Using the analytics provided through the power of BI, it can be determined if there are bottlenecks in the process, or if simply moving to a 24 hour operation is required in order to have a successful launch. There is no need to request data from the facility in different formats and extended wait times, due to the volume of transactions and time difference.

BI can help you identify the right path and making the right decisions to grow locally, nationally or globally. towards taking your business to the next level, global level. If you are interested in abas BI, check out our BI & Analytics product page for more information.

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