ERP and the Olympics: Can you spot the similarities?


As the international abas community cheers on teams from all over the world in this year's Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we can't help but notice the similarities between the sports they compete in and the challenges of enterprise resource planning.







Maybe we've been watching too much television, and we're simply seeing things. Or maybe, there's something to that. You be the judge. Here are seven sports that remind us of ERP in one way or another:

Accuracy and precision are needed to succeed in business.



Accuracy and precision, though sometimes used interchangeably, mean different things. An accurate archer can hit a bulls' eye, and a precise archer hits the same mark time and time again, even though it might not be where he or she expects it to strike.

A combination of both talents is needed to succeed in business. After all, it's not only important to make the right decision every once in awhile or make consistently average decisions, but to develop a support system by which leaders can glean high-value data-driven intelligence as continuously as possible. abas ERP grants decision-makers the foresight to visualize targets from miles away, cancel out the white noise and home in on the best solutions day after day.

ERP and Archery


All business breaks down to a simple back-and-forth: supply versus demand. Smarter ERP allows users to track customer purchasing data with greater transparency to inform people across all departments. That way, you're always prepared for your next big set and never diving into the sand to return a spike.


While internal stewardship may keep businesses afloat, any second the winds of change in their markets could pick up and steer their schooners right into the rocks. Clearer data visibility through ERP integration allows for greater insight into volatile logistical elements that can capsize efficiency, like complex supply chains or fluctuating customer demand.

It's not enough to simply tread water, no matter the risk. When the weather gets choppy, businesses trust advanced ERP platforms to help guide them to safe waters.


Agility matters in sports like gymnastics and in business, and so does landing on your feet after a tricky maneuver. Comprehensive ERP gives companies a top-down view of their entire cross-functional network - from sales to inventory to supply procurement and beyond - so when the time comes to take a leap of faith, their ventures always score a perfect 10.

ERP and Gymnastics


With the right processes in place and working interoperably, companies can move mountains. Brute force without strategy, however, will leave your organization strained. As organizations scale up and build their "business mass" to take on greater challenges, they'll need operational data to think of new ways to approach their next feat of strength. abas ERP can act as the weightlifter's belt, reducing stress on departments shouldering a lot of the weight through the power of process optimization.


Principally, judo and other martial arts revolve around exploiting an opponent's weakness and leveraging power in calculated ways, even when pitted against bigger, stronger rivals. Advanced ERP software similarly enables small and mid-sized businesses to square off against larger competition in their markets by supporting actionable data management strategies.

Brute force without strategy will leave your organization strained.


Synchronized Swimming

Harmony across disparate departments may be the most vital benefit to integrating advanced ERP software into your operations. In fact, most abas clients switch to us as a means of unifying a disconnected patchwork ERP-like system comprised of uncooperative third-party software.

Like synchronized swimming routines, a single competitor out of step - or stroke, as the case may be - creates a dissonance that impacts the performance from the rest of the team. The same is true for the different departments in a given business. But when every employee collaborates across one centralized ERP network, the whole organization keeps tempo.

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