abas ERP Field Service App for Service Orders


The abas ERP Field Service App consolidates all of your field service data into a single place - service reservations, service requests, orders, service products, notes and tasks - all linked together and easily accessible whether your staff is in the office or not. The app provides easy-to use tools for documenting the status of their service orders throughout their day, so they don’t have to wait until they’re back in the office to update. And like all abas apps, Field Service was purpose-built for touchscreens, which makes it easy to learn and use, even for your most pressed-for-time employees.

abas ERP Field Service App - Scheduling Made Simple

abas’ Field Service app includes a unique scheduling feature that allows you to visualize your appointment data.
• Switch seamlessly between day, month and week views.
• Easily view start and end times, as well as possible overlap of appointments.

Powerful Search

Throughout the app, you can perform full text smart searches, which puts the answers you need quickly at your fingertips.

abas ERP Field Service app

Service Reservations

The Service Reservations feature in the Field Service app syncs with abas to make team coordination simple. When a service is created in abas, a corresponding appointment is created in the app for an on-site, including the day, time and a link to the original order and customer.

Service Orders

With the Service Orders feature, you can view a list of all orders, related parts and items, and order details, such as contact information, status, order number, assignee, order date, etc. You have the ability to add additional items or link to related service products.

Contact your customers directly from the app. View all your service products and details, create notes and tasks - all in this powerful app.


Interested in seeing screenshots and the full functionality of the abas ERP Field Service App?

Download the Field Service App brochure here:

abas Field Service App
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